Tips on providing your partner NURU massage

We know that NURU massage is the ultimate way of enjoying erotic pleasures, but you don’t always need a masseuses to provide those pleasures. If you are husband loving woman, and if you want to provide something special tonight, then go through this post where we have provided all the details related to NURU massage. You can learn NURU massage through this post. Though, you won’t become an expert, but still your partner will definitely appreciate the efforts.

Create the ambience

The success of NURU massage lies in the ambiance. Light up some scented candles, and put some dim lights to make it look erotic. Some slow jazz music will also help a lot. You should put on a lingerie initially to look hotter than usual, and then surprise your partner. Before the actual massage starts, you should build up the tension to make sure that your partner is turned on by the whole environment of the place. We guarantee that he will like it a lot.

Get the essential tools

Now that you have created a perfect ambiance, you need to get the tools required for NURU massage. First of all, you need the NURU gel, towel, fresh bed sheets to make sure that bed is not wet. If you are planning to provide the massage on massage table, then you should either buy one, or rent one. But instead of spending one tables, you can use the bed.

Learn some techniques

Before providing NURU massage, you should learn some basic techniques of providing pleasures. You simply can’t do it without some training. There are lots of videos available on YouTube and you can learn a lot from there. These videos are free of cost, hence you can learn easily from there. If you are doing this for the very first time, then it might not be perfect, but it will definitely teach you a lot.

Clean yourself before providing NURU massage

Before you provide all the pleasures to your partner make sure that you clean yourself first. You can take a nice warm water shower, and shave if you want. This will make sure that you are totally clean and ready to engage in hot and steamy erotic massage. We guarantee that your partner will be so happy with this gesture, and you are going to be really happy too. Just make sure that you follow all the steps we have provided.

So, these are some of the most amazing NURU massage techniques you can learn if you wish to please your partner. We guarantee that among erotic massage, NURU massage is the best, and you will also enjoy it along with your partner. If you want to try something erotic and naughty then make sure that you try it out and we bet that you will love it. NURU massage is not that easy, but if you devote enough time to learn it, then nothing is impossible.