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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


If there's one country in this world that I never expected to like, much less love, it's Northern Ireland. 

But, as I'm beginning to learn about this entire study abroad experience, being wrong isn't always the worst thing.

Perhaps what really stuns me is that none of these pictures are edited. I love editing pictures, and normally it irks me to share photos that haven't had a hit of exposure or temperature adjustment in Lightroom, but these pictures didn't need anything in my opinion. Northern Ireland is actually that gorgeous.

Our school took us on a day trip to Belfast on Saturday, but some friends and I decided to make a weekend out of it and extend our trip to encompass the major things we really wanted to see in Northern Ireland, like the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge or Giant's Causeway. We ended up on a Game of Thrones tour, and even though I didn't get very far in the show before my parents switched cable providers thus taking our HBO membership with them, it was still a fantastic tour and I loved every single stop we made.

Being on a bus all day isn't exactly my favorite activity since driving on the opposite side of the road makes me carsick anyways, but the drive was so magnificent that we all had to overlook our nausea and enjoy the views outside of the windows. We stopped at the major attractions like the rope bridge and the Causeway, of course, but we also went to the Dark Hedges (the King's Road in Game of Thrones), Ballyton Harbor, a cave where somebody gave birth to a shadow hunter (whatever that is), and more. Again, I don't watch the show, so some of the significance of these locations was lost on me, but I still enjoyed every stop. We were outrageously lucky with the weather too, and it was clear enough that we could see Scotland in the distance and enjoy the full turquoise color of the water.

Have you ever been to Northern Ireland? If you haven't I highly recommend going!

PS - my blue top is an old favorite from Anthropologie, and even though it isn't available anymore I've linked some similar ones!

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