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Friday, February 24, 2017


Happy Friday, friends! Today I'm back on the road and heading to another scenic destination in Ireland, but this time, it's just a day trip, so no major packing necessary. But, before I delve into what I like to call "traveler's chic," I do want to state that I am a serial over packer and fitting enough clothes for a weekend in a backpack is no easy feat for me. The backpack is also usually kinda stuffed.... but hey if it fits it works!

Obviously what you pack will depend greatly on your destination. Since it's still winter, it's pretty safe to assume that anywhere I travel to in Europe is going to be cold, it's just a matter of how cold and how much it's going to rain.

As such, my checklist, no matter where we're going, consists of the following:
1. Raincoat
2. Umbrella
3. Winter Coat
4. 1 pair of jeans
5. 1 pair of leggings
6. 2-3 sweaters (depending on the length of the trip)
7. Scarf
8. Gloves
9. Boots or Sneakers (depending on destination/planned activities)
10. Pajamas/Underwear
11. Toiletries
12. Hat

I have 3 coats that I rotate through, a cape (on sale now!), a pea coat, and a packable synthetic down coat, and I always have my rain coat on me. When it comes to traveling, I'm not really aiming for being the most stylish person in town. I'd rather be warm, comfortable, and wearing the appropriate clothing than cute. That being said, the jeans/sweater combo underneath usually looks like I tried that day and people are pretty forgiving when it comes to looking like a wet dog thanks to the wind and rain. I'll share my packing strategies in a later post too!

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