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Monday, June 13, 2016

Dear Orlando

Early yesterday morning, a man opened fire in the middle of a club in Orlando, Florida.

This is the seventh shooting in seven days, the fifteenth large-scale shooting in President Obama's term, and in my opinion, way. too. many. damn. shootings.
Every time that something like this happens, gun control becomes a controversial topic once again. People cling to their second amendment rights and accuse those who are of other races than they are. Yesterday Donald Trump had the audacity to tweet in response to the shooting and say the following:

I'm going to go ahead and let you know that I loathe Donald Trump. I think he is an absolutely despicable human being and he is arguably the worst presidential candidate that our country has ever seen.

Besides the fact that he made this unnecessary and crude xenophobic comment that was completely uncalled for, I want to redirect this post to the heart of this matter - gun control. I saw another tweet that said "Guns don't kill people - people do." And while yes, that's true, here's a little background in our founding principles that our pro-arms citizens don't seem to recall:

When the framers set out to write the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, all those great documents, they aimed to protect everyone's individual freedoms. Their goals were to create a government that was the perfect amount of hands-on and hands-off, and as such, they had to closely study humanity to find the ideal balance. They concluded that humans are terribly imperfect and that they are inherently selfish. As such, the laws had to be able to rule above the people because the people would manipulate the language to best serve themselves. Following this logic, in short, people suck. So yes, people do kill - but they use guns to do it. If a person walked into a bar with the intention of killing without a gun, he or she would have to do so either with a sword, their bare hands, or some other weapon. Essentially, it would be much more difficult to kill as many people without being stopped without guns. So while yes, whoever tweeted that is technically right, there is a way to improve the situation.

It's sort of like the SAT. There might be a couple of right answers, but the one that is marked correct is the one that best answers the question. So, if we take guns away from people, a huge part of the problem is eliminated. Yes, people will still murder. People murdered before guns even existed. That will never end, unfortunately. But, it does not have to be as severe as it is right now. Not as many people have to die if gun reform works out.

If you're reading this and thinking to yourself that there's no way you'd ever give up your second amendment rights, I ask you this - at what point does a human life mean more to you than the ability to own a gun?

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