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Monday, April 4, 2016


The big 2-0 has arrived!

Holy cow, y'all. We've hit a whole new decade! I turn twenty today and it's...weird. You hear all this amazing stuff about how your twenties are the best decade of your life - it's adventurous, challenging, rewarding, insane, and glorious. My teens were a bit of a rollercoaster. From a hellish middle school, a crescendo high school experience, and nearly two years of college, they had a little bit of everything, from sports to school to boys to friends.

Although I don't have any major plans today (heyoooo, Monday!), I did get to celebrate with friends all weekend. From our spring formal to a trip to Beale Street to a Mexican restaurant excursion, I sure am one lucky gal. I have an absolutely fantastic family, precious friends, and so many wonderful blessings and opportunities up ahead. I'm anxious-excited about what this new decade has in store.

Also setting a goal for myself right now to learn how to fold a fitted sheet this decade. One step at a time, guys. One step at a time.

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