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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Formal/Prom Dresses under $300

When I was in high school, I was terrified of prom.


There was so much buildup to the night that I was terrified it wouldn't be absolutely perfect. I was so scared I wouldn't have fun. That was beyond ridiculous, but that's how the anticipation went for me. Of course, I ended up having a complete blast both years, but man, it turns into such a big deal that it's hard to not be a little nervous it won't go well.

Fortunately, one thing you can make sure you have is a dress that makes you feel like an absolute queen. I wore a one-shouldered draped dress both years because that's what I liked and felt comfortable in. I wanted to wear a dress that I could wear again for college formals if I wanted to. I prefer dresses without a bunch of bling on them, and I certainly prefer ones that are flattering and classic. 

What's your dream glam dress look like?

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