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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Link Love + Lowdown

This week has been quite the doozy.

From a visit from Nationals to a trip to the emergency room, you can't say that things are ever boring over here.

Link Love //

MTSU. Sweet little MTSU that's 2 hours from my house and that I drive by every time I go through Murfreesboro on the way to and from school. YOU WRECKED MY BRACKET, MTSU. But I'm still impressed/proud of you for being the Cinderella of March Madness.

I've been psyched about the rising temperatures lately, and am hoping to hit up some of these awesome festivals in Memphis this spring!

Have you gotten into Serial season 2? I was obsessed with season 1, but I've heard mixed reviews about season 2. It's a completely different story, and it is not as juicy as a murder, but the politics of it are fascinating.

Lowdown //

My oh my have things been busy since last Thursday's lowdown post. Last week, our chapter had a Leadership Development Consultant visiting! She was so kind and had so many awesome pieces of advice.

On Saturday, she was supposed to lead a chapter workshop. The workshop was at 11:30, and I had set my alarm for 8:30 so I could get up, go to the gym, and get ready for the workshop and for lunch with her afterwards. I was woken up a little before 7 because my stomach was really hurting. I ran to the restroom and started throwing up immediately, and I didn't really stop until 2 PM. I went to the workshop though (barely), and fortunately one of my sisters offered to go to lunch with our guest in my place.

I went back to my room and called my mom. She thought that I might have the flu or roto virus (a really awful stomach bug that I had when I was a baby), and recommended that I go to a doctor as soon as possible. It was a Saturday, so my options were limited. I felt very out of it and didn't feel like I could drive, so I asked my friend Jordan to drive me. We went to a minor medical clinic that's connected to one of the hospitals in Memphis. I walked into the clinic with a trashcan in my hand in case I had to throw up again, and the look on the nurse's face was a mix of terrified and impressed that I brought one for myself.

I saw a doctor, and after running some tests, she told me I needed to go to the emergency room immediately because I was extremely dehydrated and I also might have a kidney infection. So, Jordan drove me down, and we got checked in.

Before leaving the minor med clinic, they gave me a shot that would stop the vomiting, but it would also make me very sleepy. After the nurses at the hospital triaged me (drew blood and determined how urgent of a patient I was), Jordan and I settled into the waiting room. Friends was on one of the TVs, but I was struggling to stay awake. I was very uncomfortable because I had a lot of abdominal pain, and so I decided to try and sit on the floor to be more comfortable. It took about 2 minutes for me to laying on the floor, and another 2 for me to be completely asleep. Concerned about me being passed out essentially on the emergency room floor, Jordan went up to the nurse and asked if I could have a bed or at least a sheet to keep me off the floor. The nurse was rather alarmed that I was sleeping on the floor, and the moved me back immediately.

Once in the room, I was given an IV, and I fell asleep as soon as I was done answering questions and getting blood drawn/IVs put in. The ER doctors thought that I could have a kidney infection, kidney stone, intestinal infection, or my appendix could be rupturing, so they put me in line to have a CT scan. It took a couple hours for me to get the scan, but once it was my turn, I was escorted into the room and injected with contrast dye. The contrast made me sick again, but fortunately the nurse handed me a barf bag and un-strapped me from the CT scan table just in time. #blessed

While we waited for the CT scan results, I was given another IV. Jordan was still patiently staying with me and never once complained about staying with me all day. The CT scan results came back, and fortunately, no internal organs were exploding or infected. The doctors decided that it was probably a bad reaction to the medication I am on as well as a bug of some sort.

I have to tell y'all how thankful I was that my friend Jordan was there with me Saturday. Going to the doctor alone is scary, let alone the hospital. She was so caring, and was able to answer doctor's questions when I couldn't. She is truly a saint and I am so fortunate to have a friend that was willing to sit with me for over 12 hours and not complain once.

So like I said, quite the interesting week. My mom came to Memphis the next day, and I'm home now for Easter break. I'm very much looking forward to recuperating at home and catching up on some sleep and homework.

How was your week?

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