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Monday, March 14, 2016

How to: keeping your white Converse clean

Let's be real - it's a struggle.

^^^also tbt to being tan. Good times, good times.

As spring rolls around, I'm definitely reaching for my white converse more frequently. I never really put them away for the winter though - they're just a good "going out" shoe for collegiate activities. They're comfortable, go with everything, and easy to wear. But they get nasty so quickly.

Every time I go home for a break, I like to bring my Converse along and clean them up. My mom has better stain-treating products at home than I do at school, plus if I'm going to put my shoes in a washing machine, I'd rather use the one at home. The ones at school have a knack for eating my clothes...

You'll need:
1. Laundry scrub brush
2. Laundry bar (super old-timey but very effective)
3. Oxi-Clean White Revive

1. Run warm water all over (and in) the entire shoe. This will make the canvas a little more malleable and loosen up some of the dirt.

2. Open the laundry bar and run it under the water quickly. Using one side of the bar, gently scrub at the dirt. Do this to get soap onto the shoe. The soap is a sort of pale yellow, so you can faintly see where you've applied it.

3. Use the scrub brush and get those shoes lathered up! This takes a bit of elbow grease, but can usually get almost everything out.

4. Even if all the dirt came out, your sneakers are probably a little dull. Rinse the scrub brush off to get any of the laundry bar off of it, and then dip it in the Oxi-Clean bucket. The Oxi-Clean is a powder, and if the brush is damp, it will stick to it. Scrub this into the entire shoe - it makes a huge difference!

5. Rinse the shoe off, and put it in the washer. Add the appropriate amount of Oxi-Clean according to your type of washing machine (on the back of the tub), and wash on a low-spin, higher-heat cycle. Don't put your Converse in the dryer! Let them air dry. It will take a few days, but it is so worth it - they'll look like new!


  1. Thank you for this, my white Converse are everything but white at this point.

    Ane | Basque Prep


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