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Friday, March 25, 2016

Coupons with Groupon

You have to love a good rhyme, don't you?

(It's Friday, bear with.)

I like to think of the average college student as the epitome of "champagne taste on a beer budget." We like decent food and the ability to do cool things, but the vast majority of us deeply lack the funds to do so. 

I've been receiving Groupon emails for almost a year now, and up until a few months ago, they were experiences, products, and food - but the coupons they offered weren't necessarily for everyday events or things. And, you had to buy the coupons (something that I think if you're buying an expensive enough item is totally worth it, but for my personal purchases, it wasn't the best fit.) Rather, the coupons Groupon was offering did not match up with what I really wanted coupons for. 

I recently found out that Groupon is actually now offering straight up coupons to your favorite stores - like Belk, Aerie, Birchbox, Macy's, Nordstrom, and more - coupons that I would actually l-o-v-e to have available to me. Now, Groupon is offering coupons that are incredibly useful, such as 15% off shoes at Nordstrom or a buy-one-get-one at Aerie. They even have Target coupons! (My debit card rejoiced at that one. It loves Target far too much for its own good.)

You can access the coupons on the go on Groupon's app, which is a godsend if you always forget to print out or bring coupons to the store with you (I do it too, it happens to the best of us), and you can always have Groupon send you periodic emails to let you know when there's a killer deal you might be interested in. 

Have you ever used Groupon? What did you think?

This post was sponsored by Groupon.  All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Memphis Made possible!

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