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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Link Love + Lowdown

Holy smokes, guys. What a week it has been.

I apologize for the infrequency of posts this week! I got back from Orlando on Sunday night and I swear I'm still playing catch up.

PS - pardon the iPhone pics, I didn't have room to bring my camera this weekend and I hated myself for it the entire time.

Link Love //

Did y'all watch the Superbowl?! I sincerely believe that Beyonce stole poor Chris Martin's show... but hey, you brought Beyonce in, what were you expecting? Also, Bruno Mars' dance moves were straight fire.

Jess is coming back to Stars Hollow too! I hated Jess & Rory together at first, but in the end, I was totally team Jess and very anti-Dean (can't get over the Lindsay thing. Can't do it.). I'm seriously so excited for the Gilmore Girls revival I could jump up and down for hours. However, I'm really not a fan of the fact that Melissa McCarthy wasn't asked back to the show. Bad move, Amy Sherman-Palladino.

This Refinery29 writer has vowed to give up the Kardashians for lent. Her article is witty and painfully honest about our addiction to the whole Krewe (see what I did there?), but I don't see myself sacrificing my daily KUWTK session anytime soon.

I have been hunting for a True Grit Frosty Tip Pullover for nearly two months with no avail. They're sold out seemingly everywhere, but I refuse to give up my search. If anyone has any suggestions of where to find one, please let me know!

Lowdown //

Holy moly. I am so dang exhausted I almost fell asleep on the elliptical the other day. Friday morning I flew out to Orlando to attend Kappa Delta's biannual National Collegiate Training Academy (NCTA). Our flight left at 6 AM so we left campus at a leisurely 4 AM. Naturally, the Starbucks in the Memphis airport was not open when we got there. But, we made it onto our flight to Detroit, and then caught a connection down to Orlando (thanks for that flight path, Delta), and made it in time to attend our first of many meetings, workshops, and panels of the weekend.

It was easily one of the most exhausting but also most fun weekends I've ever had, and I am so grateful to both KD Headquarters as well as the Foundation for their investment not only in all 2,000 of the attendees as executive council members, but also as individual leaders as well. I think that since my position as VP-PR compliments what I actually want to do when I grow up (either branding or philanthropic marketing!), it was especially informative and rewarding because the skills I learned apply to both my officer position as well as my (hopefully) future career.

We heard Brooke Anderson speak on personal branding (SHE FAVORITED MY TWEET FROM THAT NIGHT BRB DEAD) before Kappa Delta itself released a brand new brand! I wish I was exaggerating when I say this, but I literally shed a tear when I saw it. It is so gorgeous and timeless, and I am blown away by it all. If you want to see the brand video, check it out here! (I can't stop watching it, it's so pretty and captures the symbolism of Kappa Delta beautifully)

Saturday was spent listening in on all things VP-PR, from best social media policies to roundtables with VP-PRs from other chapters. It was definitely interesting to see how other chapters function, and I also got to see one of my good friends from high school! Cramming over 2,000 girls into one hotel was certainly an experience (the elevators stopped working more than once...), but it was awesome to get to have everybody in one place and see how strong the bonds of a national sisterhood are.

Perhaps my favorite session of the entire weekend was when Sally Hogshead spoke on her Fascination Advantage system. Each of us attending the conference were to take her personality test and have our results printed and ready for her keynote. I'm a Catalyst, which means my dominant personality traits are passion & innovation. My dormant quality is mystique, which makes complete and total sense because I'm a horrendous liar and it's usually pretty easy to tell what I'm thinking. But, I thought her description of my archetype was pretty spot on - I communicate with others through my emotions, I come up with innovative solutions to old problems, and I am very social and energetic. It was really interesting to see everybody's different results, and I would strongly recommend taking her tests (use code KDSHARE to try it for free!) to get a better idea of how others see you.

This week has been a whirlwind of playing catch up, from missed classes from Friday to the sleep I lost making that 4 AM flight. On top of that, I have three exams next week and they're all going to be killer. Cheers to midterms!

What's your week been like so far?

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