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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Insta Lately

Happy hump day, everyone! I was racking my brain with what to post today, and realized I haven't done an Instagram roundup in... months? Maybe? I don't think I've even done one yet in 2016! So grab a cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy a little rewind... :)

Starting with this one - some of my friends ventured down to the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid (fancy, I know), and had to swing by Mud Island on our way home. The sunset was absolutely unreal.

This photo is originally from this post, but it was exactly how I felt after snagging Beyonce tickets last week. This photo is the definition of happy-fierce for me, and that's the kind of mood Bey's music puts me in.

The classic "SOS I'm drowning in homework but at least my desk accessories are cute" post. Tragically true. Thankfully I only have one more test this week, and it shouldn't be too horrible, fingers crossed! Photo is originally from this post.

I snagged this photo when we were up in the air coming home from NCTA in Orlando. I had never flown Southwest before (Delta crew for life. Or as long as my parents will let me mooch off of their SkyMiles...), so obviously I had to document the experience.

This photo is originally from this post, but I definitely repeat that outfit regularly. It's comfy and versatile, what's not to like?

On Valentine's Day, I swung by Dunkin' Donuts to grab some donuts for our KD council meeting. Didn't hurt that they were super photogenic and yummy... ;)

Similarly, when I was venturing to Dunkin', I had to stop by this "I love you" wall. It's on Cooper Avenue behind Memphis Made (The brewery, not the blog! Actually had no idea that there was another Memphis Made until I drove by it on my way to my favorite Chinese restaurant this year!).

Def had to swing by Jerry's Sno Cones. The tiger's blood supreme... I have no words. It's a Memphis staple and it's amazing.

This photo is originally from this post. Why am I giving "the nod," you ask? Because there was a cute boy on the street. In case you were wondering, he gave me "the nod" back. *smug looking emoji*

 My Emily Ley Planner is the best thing I own. Can't live without it. Seriously, get your hands on one, ASAP! I'll share an organization post soon!

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