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Friday, January 8, 2016

Planning Ahead

I am not even slightly ashamed to admit that I have owned several planners. (...lots of them at the same time...)

I'm a complete organization freak and I love any and all products that help with productivity.

I know that early on in the year, many of you are shopping for "the one." Not a SO, but the planner. The one that best suits your needs, your level of OCD, and your life. Although there are a million and one planners in this world that I'll never get around to trying, I wanted to let y'all know my opinions on a handful of popular planners that perhaps you're eyeing as well.

(PS - this post is not sponsored in any way, shape, or fashion. These are genuine and honest reviews of products I have purchased myself over the years)

Lilly Pulitzer
Ah, the classic favorite. This was my first real agenda, and it is a great mix of colorful and fun. I found the large to be satisfactory for my needs in high school, but once I got to college, I often found myself running out of space. They have continued to improve the thickness of the tabs over the years, and that has helped a lot in preventing tearing and bending.

Kate Spade
This planner just was not for me. Although the layout of it was pretty much the same as the Lilly Pulitzer one, I would have preferred to see some more color and wit on its pages. Perhaps I'll try it again when I'm a little older. However, I do like Kate Spade's notebooks a lot because they're fun and hold up well.

This is the agenda that I have this year, and I really like it! I got the largest size available, and would strongly recommend that size for students, as the smaller one is well, very small. I find this agenda has ample room for assignments and events alike, and although the daily sections are unlined, I have actually enjoyed this feature because it has allowed me to write more if needed.

Day Designer
I would draw heart eyes on this planner if I could. I bought this planner to use in 2015, and although I think the price was a bit too steep ($13 shipping + $59 planner...) I found this agenda extremely helpful with regards to scheduling and to-do list making. This planner has two columns, one for your daily schedule, and one for your to-do list, as well as a few smaller boxes at the top of the page for dinner plans, money, a "top three" list for the day, and a few more details like that. Although I certainly think this agenda is made for an older audience (aka people who actually cook), as a student, I liked that it had ample room to write down any and every task, and I would strongly recommend this planner to anyone.

Emily Ley
Unfortunately, my beloved Day Designer sold out (ironically, they just got restocked yesterday... le sigh...) before I could get my hands on one for 2016. I decided to go with another popular and well-liked brand, Emily Ley. Although I had never purchased an EL product, I was already a big fan of her company. Talk about fantastic branding. (That's my inner marketing geek coming out, my apologies) I had followed her Instagram as well as her blog for quite some time, so I decided to give her planners a go. I ordered the daily planner in "mint dot," and when it arrived, I was very pleased with the paper quality and how simple the layout was. Although it also has a space for dinner and the company definitely has a strong aim at moms, it doesn't have any other boxes at the top of the page - it just launches straight into your schedule and your to-do list. Although I wish that the pages and spaces were a little larger (this is me just being whiny because I have large handwriting), I love how bright and cheery this planner is, and of course, it's easy to like a company that is all about some major girl power. Currently, they only have the gold pineapple print left in stock, so move it if you want one!

What are your favorite planners? Have a wonderful Friday!

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