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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Link Love + Lowdown

Happy 2016, everyone! I hope y'all had safe and happy New Years, and that 2016 is your best year yet!

I apologize for being a bit MIA on the blog last week - I took a vacation (literally) and it was wonderful.
Link Love //

18 planners that will make you want to get your $*!& together // This stresses me out. This is too organized. Who has this kind of time?!

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale // $14 JUMBO PLANNERS. That is all.

I snagged this poncho from Athleta in grey when I was in Atlanta for a doctor's appointment last week and it's SO warm & cozy! Definitely going to live in this with leggings.

Tory Burch's gum boots (sort of a luxe Bean boot) are nearly 60% off!

Evelyn made a bunch of adorable new desktop backgrounds! I currently have the llama one up on my computer and the January calendar up on my iPad. (don't forget you can get 15% off every purchase you make of hers with code victoria15)

Now that New Year's is over, all the best sparkly things are on major sale. This gold sequin blazer is over 40% off!

I received this contour kit from Smashbox for Christmas and it is the BEST! Talk about instant cheekbones. 10/10 recommend.

My sorority sister, Carmen, just opened an Etsy shop! (PS the logo was designed by another sorority sister, Sarah, who runs Signet Sealed!) Check out her super cute knits!

Rhodes just launched a chapter of The Odyssey, and their first batch of articles is wonderful already. Check them out!

Lowdown //

Man, oh man, am I worn out! I spent the past week in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a family ski trip. I'm really not a good skier, so the week was going to take a good bit of mental toughness and perseverance on my part. With the exception of a few runs, it was a really great trip! There were super cute boys everywhere too, and that didn't hurt. It was also great to spend some quality time with the fam before my brother goes off to college and we're all a little more spread out.

I wore these ski pants and they were wonderful! No water or snow ever got in them, and although my feet and hands were cold a lot, my legs never were. I also carried a Camelbak backpack, and that was the best thing I could have done. I find that between the altitude difference, plus the fact that skiing is pretty solid exercise, I get dehydrated quickly. For me, this means headaches and generally not feeling great. Keeping water on me all day was awesome, but if I forgot to blow the water out of the straw, it would freeze solid! On another note, I strongly believe that ski boots are the most uncomfortable things on this planet, and I spent a decade squeezing into uber tight swimsuits.

We left a few days after Christmas, and that was wonderful too. It was pretty low-key, and perfectly relaxing and fun.

I'm spending the rest of my break working on some things for KD (shameless plug to go follow my chapter on Pinterest because I just revamped the page hehe) and sleeping as much as possible before heading back to the grit & grind of school.

Check back tomorrow for my Steamboat recommendations & reviews!

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  1. I 100% agree that ski boots are the most uncomfortable thing to exist on this Earth, and I've been skiing since before I could walk! (I was that child on a leash in front of her parents!) But I am a tad jealous that y'all found some snow and were able to ski...none of our resorts in PA have even blown snow yet, and I have a feeling my skis won't see any snow this year!


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