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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

5 ways to have a better semester

For many of you, this week is your first week back at school!

As such, I wanted to share some of my goals to make this semester the best one yet.

1. Start out with clean tools
Rather, begin the semester with a cleaned-out computer, throw out whatever materials you no longer need, and take inventory of your school supplies.

2. Replenish your school supplies
Going off of number one, I find it really helpful to treat myself to a new set of pens or something like that for a new semester, and it's sort of like buying new workout clothes to help yourself want to workout.

3. Go through all of your syllabi and mark major dates
The beauty of syllabus week is that you actually have time to do this. By writing down major dates (i.e. term papers, midterms, exams, etc), you can have them in the back of your mind and have a good sense of how much time you have or need to study.

4. Evaluate your priorities
A lot of commitments and responsibilities change by semester. For example, when I was swimming, I could expect the second semester to only have a month of in-season training, and after that, my schedule would be a bit lighter for the rest of the semester. As such, since I only had a month of in-season left, I wanted to really prioritize swimming for the month I had. It's important to do this with all of your commitments, and make arrangements to accommodate your priorities.

5. Get excited!
Spring semester flies by. Seriously, you blink and it's the end of April and you're preparing for your final exams. Enjoy how quickly this semester goes by and don't forget that it's important to have fun and take care of yourself along the way.

Best of luck, my friends!

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