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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Break Activities

Guys, I'm already bored. I've literally been home for a week and I'm already missing being exhausted and busy and stressed.

What is wrong with me?!

I've been trying to figure out what to do with all of this free time on my hands (I don't do well with free time. I just don't know what to do with myself), so I came up with a few ideas to share with y'all!

One // Try a new workout class
You can totally join that New Years crowd. No shame in that at all! Give that workout class you've always been slightly terrified of a shot. If you go when there are a bunch of other newbies, chances are you won't be the worst one in the class and that's always an ego-boost. Also, totally an excuse to buy new workout pants

Two // Go for a hike
Nature, bro. Gotta love it. Unless you're an experienced nature person, don't go alone, especially if it's a trail you're unfamiliar with. Get some fresh air, snap some Insta-worthy pics of a cool view or some artsy angle of leaves. If you didn't prove you went outside did you even?

Three // Clean out your room
I'm dreading this one too, tbh, but my room at home is chock-full of stuff I do not need, let alone use. Although this one may not be super fun, it will certainly take up lots of time and chances are your mom will be happy with you.

Four // Go to local attractions
In Chattanooga, there are plenty of "tourist" attractions - but I've been to very few of them! Or the ones that I have been to, I went to them when I was in elementary school for field trips. Explore your own hometown, whether that's through museums, parks, or activities.

Five // Update your resume + LinkedIn profiles
The summer job/internship hunt is on, y'all. Start perusing the best opportunities now, and make sure all of the materials on your side are up to date.

Six // Write thank-you notes
To your professors from this past semester (shoutout to my accounting professor in particular who put up with my never-ending questions), to your relatives for their gifts, to your roommates and friends for just being them, and to your boss for employing you and teaching you. Thank you notes are a lost art and a hand-written note goes a long way these days.

Seven // Give those Pinterest recipes a try
And document it too. Some of the funniest posts online are about Pinterest fails - they're equally hysterical and enlightening because some of these pinners are pros at their given crafts and the rest of us... aren't.

Eight // Offer to make all returns/exchanges for your family
This one may not be super fun, but it will get you out of the house and they'll probably be grateful to you for taking an errand off of their to-do lists.

Nine // Get ahead on birthday gifts
Yes, I'm serious. Put some of that Christmas money to use or get crafty and make birthday gifts for the entire year. You'll thank yourself later, and it'll give you something fun to do!

Ten // Clean out your computer
Just be prepared to stare at that obnoxious rainbow pinwheel thingy for a while. But really, nothing gets you ready for a new semester like a more efficient computer. Getting rid of old and unnecessary files will make your computer run faster and it will free up space for all the new files you're about to accumulate. While you're at it, back up your computer too!

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