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Monday, December 21, 2015

MM Gift Guide :: 5 Last Minute Gifts Under $30

"S.O.S. plz someone help me" - Rihanna when she realized she forgot her great-aunt thrice removed was coming to the annual extended family Christmas dinner and she forgot a present.

I am the WORST at Christmas presents. Especially if I'm in a pinch - I get all wrapped up in how little time I have to put something together and in the end I'm incredibly dissatisfied with the gift I end up giving. I racked my brain and came up with a few great and easy gifts to whip together - all under $30 and all easy to grab from places like Target or a bookstore (or the Internet. Gotta love that one).

One // Coffee Table Book
Always a classic. Never out of style, always appropriate, and depending on which book you grab, you can add some personality to it and no one will ever know that you grabbed this gift at the last minute.

Shop my favorites below:

Two // Cookbooks
Even if the recipient is a wonderful chef, cookbooks are always appreciated and even if they are not used, they look good when well-organized on a kitchen counter. This is an especially thoughtful gift if the recipient has dietary restrictions and you give him or her a book that caters to that need. (there are some vegan/GF/vegetarian/etc. options in the widget below!)

Shop my favorite cookbooks below:

Three // Glasses + a bottle of nice liquor
Guaranteed to be used when all those crazy relatives show up. Bonus points if you throw in a shot glass or two.

Shop my favorite glasses below:

Four // Framed photos
They can be of you + the recipient, the recipient doing something cool, the recipient from a major point in his or her life, etc. You can download photos to your computer or phone and order prints at any nearby pharmacy. Get creative (aka Facebook stalking!). Bonus points if you find a frame that matches their house or office decor.

Shop my favorite frames below:

Five // Three months to a subscription service
i.e. Spotify, Amazon Prime, Audible, Netflix, etc. Always appreciated by college students and post-grads alike!

On a different note, if you've been avoiding that Amazon Prime 30-day trial like the plague, now would be a fantastic time to give it a shot. I got it on Black Friday and I've already benefitted from that free 2-day shipping. My entire family has as well, and today is likely the last day to get that 2-day shipping guarantee for Christmas day.

Happy gifting, and if you have any quick gift suggestions, be sure to leave them in the comments below so that others can use them!

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