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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Resolutions

Seriously, tell me I'm not the only one who still writes 2010 on stuff.

Today, I'm heading off to Colorado with my family to hit the slopes for a few days of skiing! I'm literally the least graceful person, so skiing is a bit of a challenge, but loads of fun. Before I embark on this trip, I wanted to share my 2016 resolutions with you all!

Read more
This is one of those goals that I think lots of people have but it's especially hard if you are a student because you have so much reading to do anyways that by the time you get home, you kind of just want to sleep. I'm not saying I need to read War & Peace or anything like that (although that would be kind of cool), but just a chapter or two a night of a book that is unrelated to school.

Continue to improve my grades
As I mentioned in my previous post, my GPA got a m-a-j-o-r facelift this semester. I worked my butt off and I'm really proud of myself - now that I've shown myself I can do it, I want to continue to improve my grades and excel in my classes.

Become a better listener
As I also have mentioned before, I am now an officer in my sorority. Although this is a humongous honor that I am so grateful for, it also means that I have a lot of responsibility to my sisters. I want to work on being a better listener, and also on being so OCD about projects. This is also applicable to school and friendships, but I want to be the best possible VP-PR I can be, and a big part of that, for me, is being able to listen to others well.

Create more outfit posts
Santa brought me a gorgeous new camera for Christmas, and I'm really excited to take a whack at outfit posts with it! Outfit posts are difficult to coordinate because I don't typically wear a full face of makeup to class nor do I usually straighten or curl my hair for class (all about that side-braid life, man). I also don't want to burden my sweet roommate who takes my photos for me, because she's a heck of a lot busier than I am, so my goal is to master tripod shooting. If you have any tips for that, please let me know!

Continue to make my health a priority 
Again with the correlation to my previous post on 2015, but I took my personal health and well-being very seriously this year, and I'm so glad I did. I hope to continue to do this in the new year.

And finally, my biggest resolution, which hits on each of these is to again, be happy. Being upset and stressed out is overrated and it never seems to get me where I want to go in life.

What are your resolutions for 2016?

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