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Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Rewind

Does anyone else still write 2010 on all their papers?

This is such a strange post for me to write. Not in the sense that the concept of writing a "year in review" post is by any means unusual, but that so much has changed in 2015. Although I picked up a lot of activities or habits, the biggest changes have come from what I stopped doing. It's been really weird to see how that has affected my life and overall happiness/productivity.

I started the year in Florida with a week long training trip for swimming. It was a week that was incredibly challenging but also incredibly rewarding. The second semester began and we prepared for our conference meet.

The highlight of February was certainly swimming at conference. I did not know that that meet was going to be my last one, and although I really wish it hadn't been, it was a really fun atmosphere that I'll always be thankful to have been a part of.

Midterms, pollen, and catching up on all the sleep I missed during swim season. Not much happened here, tbh.

This is where things really started to shift. The day before my 19th birthday, my mom took me to Atlanta and I spent two days in and out of a doctor's office. I had about 18 vials of blood drawn to test for a myriad of conditions, and my entire life changed when I got the results about two weeks later. I've alluded to facing some medical issues this year, and I'm still not quite comfortable sharing everything online yet. I'm really glad that my friends and family have been supportive and helpful as I continue to figure out how to best handle these conditions. 

I survived my freshman year of college! This was the worst round of final exams I had ever endured, as I made no effort to take care of myself while trying to study my behind off. My grades were less than stellar for the beginning of my college career, but at least I survived!

My first full month back home was a little bit of a struggle. I had become accustomed to going to bed when I wanted, not having a curfew, and just being a little more independent. I juggled 2 jobs and 2 internships, so I was rather busy working!

I buckled down for yet another month of being busy, and started planning for a little trip before heading back to school!

The month began with a quick jaunt to Washington D.C. to visit some of my close friends from Rhodes. It was so good to see them again and I was so ready to go back to school once I saw them! I moved in early because I was a PA Leader (aka Welcome Week counselor) and it was easily one of the most rewarding positions I've ever had. School started, as did recruitment.

Although "spirit week" (the week we spend getting ready for recruitment) was in August, most of recruitment took place in September. We spent countless hours in the house getting ready for the recruitment parties and preparing to find our new pledge class! I know many people gripe and moan about rush, but I really enjoyed the process. It was unlike anything else I had ever experienced and I'm really looking forward to doing it again next year! 

As I reflected on recruitment and my involvement with Kappa Delta, I realized that I wanted to run for a council position. I also got my little! She's seriously way cooler than me and looking for a little helped me and my big and grand big grow closer. October also had homecoming weekend and Halloweekend, which were two incredibly fun (and back-to-back) weekends of fun and friends. On another note, Memphis Made turned two! It got a brand new look too, and it was so exciting to reflect on how much MM has grown since it first started.

Man oh man, I had never been so ready for Thanksgiving break. November was so busy. I turned in my application for council, and thankfully made it through the interview, slating, and election process to be the new VP-PR! I also had a huge accounting exam as well as an eight-page research paper due the day I left for Thanksgiving break, and I essentially pulled an all-nighter driving home after I took my accounting test. Thankfully I made it home just in time for some yummy Thanksgiving food and a lot of relaxing time.

To be completely honest, until finals were over, I did not do many fun things. I tried to focus on school as much as possible, but I also made sure to make time to work out and sleep during this stressful time of year. Although I certainly missed out on some fun holiday parties, I'm honestly ok with the choice I made because I managed to bring my GPA up by 0.55 points from where it was last year, which is a huge jump! Although it'll take a few more stellar semesters to revive my cumulative GPA (computer science and econ were NOT nice to it), I was especially proud of myself for pulling my grades up so much. I also did quite a bit of holiday shopping, and was so glad to come home to my family and my dogs in time for Christmas. 

It's been one heck of a year. Last January, I was not happy with my life. As my dad likes to say, I was a "basket case," and looking back, that's a bit of an understatement. I was a complete and total mess in all respects. My resolution for this year was a simple one - to be happy. A lot has happened in this past year that has made me really analyze my commitments and responsibilities, and I am proud of myself for making some really hard decisions, like quitting swimming, and for applying for something I wasn't sure I would be able to be elected for, like a council position in my sorority. As silly as this sounds, I put myself first this year. I think I did a much better job of balancing work and play, and I focused on what I needed to help myself succeed. 

If 2016 is anything like 2015, I'm really freakin' excited. 

Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year to you too, hope your year is even better than this one! :)

    Ane | Basque Prep


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