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Monday, November 2, 2015

Link Love + Lowdown

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you're all recovering from Halloweekend.

Also, how on earth is it already November?!

Link Love

Evelyn Henson's November calendar download // SUPER cute desktop background for both your phone + desktop! She also just released a new line of CUSTOMIZABLE PUPPY MUGS. I'm dying. Although the dog above isn't mine, he was so cute I might order a mug of him... use code "victoria15" for 15% off of your order!

1 minute food videos // Y'all. I can't. stop. watching. I have no idea why I'm so addicted to these but they're so cute and entertaining.

24 tips to seriously go to sleep // One of my weaknesses is to scroll through Buzzfeed to fall asleep. I've been having a hard time going to bed lately because there is SO MUCH going on between school, blogging, applications out the wazzoo, and so much more. Last night I just crashed and went to bed at 10 PM. Not even mad.

Blanket scarf tutorial // Until you figure out how to do it, it's tricky! See my tutorial on Instagram, @memphismadeblog.


Like I just mentioned, life has been crazy lately! After getting back to Rhodes from fall break (which was spent being as lazy as possible), I had class all day Wednesday and then went to see Walk the Moon in concert that night! They were absolutely amazing live, and I am seriously crushing on their bassist. 

Then, a few days later it was homecoming! It's a looooooong day of galavanting around campus with friends, and Asher Roth came to perform that night! Unfortunately, I didn't think he was very good live, but I'll still scream the lyrics to "I Love College" any day (because I do ;) ).

All last week, I was scrambling to get my stacks on stacks of accounting homework done as well as some really exciting applications so that I could enjoy Halloweekend. I went as toddlers & tiaras on Thursday night (seriously guys, it's my go-to costume!) and unfortunately didn't snap any pictures, except for a lovely Snapchat of me rapping with my little. 

On Friday, I ducked out of class a little early to head to Conway, Arkansas with the swim team. We swam in the Hendrix Invitational, and although Hendrix is also a D3 school, many of the other schools there were D1 and D2, so it was incredibly exciting when we won the meet! 

We got back Saturday evening just in time to enjoy the last night of Halloween. I went as Ke$ha (how's that for a costume in 10 minutes) and had a blast!

Sunday I slept in and worked on a paper, another application, send a freakish amount of emails, and went to bed at 10 PM. I have a cough and I barely slept on Saturday, so it those 10 hours of sleep were much needed. 

I'm gearing up for yet another crazy week with a lot of coffee and determination. Hope you do the same!

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