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Monday, October 19, 2015

Sort of a big deal

The week before last was all about one thing...


I'm just going to go ahead and say that I apologize for the quality of these photos! I snapped all of these on my phone, and normally all of my blog pics are on my camera. 

Anywho...I wanted to share a peek into Rev week! In every sorority, you have a big sister and a little sister. I got my big, Morgan, last year and she spoiled me to death during Rev Week. Rev week is basically 4-5 days where you are drowned in sorority swag, ranging from t-shirts to crafts, from flags to snacks.

On Thursday, October 1st, my pledge class found out who our littles were. The role of a big sister is to be literally the older sister that your little can go to for anything and can count on for advice, random Chipotle runs, homework help, and to be a friend. I was SCREAMING at the top of my lungs when I found out who my little was! I had been preparing for Rev week for literally months and I was so excited to give her everything I'd made for her and try and trick her! The key part of Rev week is that the littles don't know who their bigs are - they have to guess.

Sadly, Jill found out pretty early on, and even though I tried my best to trick her, she didn't believe a single thing. So, on Thursday one week later, even though she totally knew that it was me, it was still such an awesome moment because she was finally MINE! She is literally the coolest person alive, and I'm so glad that she's my little :)

Some of the pics above show things I made for her, and I forgot to take pictures of the first two nights so...whoopsies. But anyways, I'm really really proud of that "sratagonia" canvas...and our reveal shirts.

Welcome to the fam, Jill!

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