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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Link Love + Lowdown

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I'm in the midst of midterms and I am slowly dying of exhaustion, brain explosion, and just general lack of sleep.

I am preeeetty pumped to get to go home on Friday.
Link Love

17 Hilarious Tweets About Columbus Day // OMG YES. YES YES YES. I was literally dying laughing in the library at these. 

Considering that my beloved roomie literally cleaned my backpack out for me last night...this seemed pretty dang appropriate. Zero boundaries between the closest of friends, y'all.

This is me right now. Midterms, man, midterms.

Corbin has some awesome tips here, y'all!

I got my first piko top this weekend and I'm already obsessed with it. Outfit post to come soon!

This version of Ginuwine's classic song... Lord.


Last week was pure madness. It was REVELATION WEEK! Basically, last week I got my little! She's flawless and I'm freakishly obsessed with her. The whole rev week is spent showering your littles in gifts in love and even though she figured out who I was far too early in the week, it was still such a fun week sneaking around and making sure her gifts got delivered properly. I also made a kickass "Sratagonia" canvas that I am seriously SO proud of. I'm going to do a full post on what all I got for her later this week, so be on the lookout for that if you want to see it! 

Friday we had a Toga Swap which is always interesting. I just struggle to create a complete outfit out of just a piece of fabric and some safety pins...but anyways, as Tim Gunn would say, I made it work.

Saturday, I went to Nashville to visit my bestie, Emily! Her birthday was Friday, but since I had class I couldn't go. I had been to the West End area multiple times, but I had never actually set foot on Vanderbilt's campus. It is beautiful! We went to brunch and went shopping, and just caught up. It was SO good to see her! 

Sunday, I got up and jutted over to Pure Barre to get my LTB in before spending the entire day studying...did I mention that I have 4 midterms and a paper this week?

Send coffee please and thank you.

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