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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 quick tasks to feel better about yourself

Do y'all ever have those days where you feel kind of...blah?

I've found that when I have those days I often feel better if I do something small yet productive.

Sometimes when I'm feeling unproductive or sluggish it makes me feel better if I kick it into high gear for a few minutes. Here are a few quick tasks (that aren't too terribly painful!) that make me feel both accomplished and ready to deal with larger tasks on my to-do list.

Do the dishes // For some reason I feel like I have my life together if I don't have any dishes in the sink. Since it's just me and my roommate, doing our dishes rarely takes more than 5 minutes.

Reply to 3 emails, delete 3 emails // Personally, emails tend to accumulate in my inbox quickly. Whether they're from professors, brands, or subscription emails, I love looking at an inbox that isn't super cluttered with junk and unread messages.

Map out your day // I swear by my Day Designer. It is the most useful tool for composing my schedule for the day and spotting slots of time that might be open for extra studying, exercising, or errands.

Drink a large glass of water // And don't do anything else while you do it! Literally just sit down and drink the water. Stare out the window, pet your dog, just be still for a few moments.

Steam or iron 2 items of clothing // You'll have fresh clothes for whenever you need them next, and you'll feel significantly more put together.

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