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Friday, September 25, 2015

Link Love + Lowdown

Happy Friday, guys!

I'm super excited for this weekend, and know already I donut want it to end. ;)

*someone plz give me coffee so I'll stop telling jokes like that*

I've been slammed with All-Sing stuff (our big philanthropy event!) so I didn't get a chance to snap some new outfit pics this week. I make it a priority to make my offline life come first, so bear with me y'all!

Links I'm Loving 
Dozing Desk // I would die of happiness if this were my desk. And being unproductive, that too.

People photoshopped out one "flaw" that they didn't like about themselves...and the results and their responses are so empowering. Such a great read.

All Night Longer // I went to Frida's (best queso in town) with a bunch of sorority sisters on Saturday and one of them played this song on the way home. I'd never heard it before, and the next morning asked my roommate, Olivia, if she knew which song it was. She asked me if I remembered any of the lyrics, which of course I didn't, but somehow she figured out which song I was looking for. Roommate telepathy is real.

Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix) // No idea why I love this remix, but give it a listen.

This necklace is so outside of my comfort zone but I can picture it with a million outfits. Be mine, please & thank you!

The Evelyn Henson fall/winter 2015 collection is here! Use code "curiosity15" for 15% off of your purchase! This print is my favorite.

I'm going to try a new mini-segment here on MM where I give y'all a quick recap of my week! 

Tuesday was super busy, with my internship, class, a meeting at career services (always a party), a workout, a chance to listen to a lecture by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (!!!), and then a formal! To say that I was exhausted on Wednesday was an understatement! I took one of my best guy friends and we agreed that we would go little-hunting. Both of us are getting littles soon and we're so eager to get to know the newest pledge class in each of our organizations. Also, it's always a fun day when you fit back into a dress you wore to a formal in high school.

Wednesday, I had class all morning, helped run swim practice, and then had a little outing to Yolo (the BEST fro-yo in Midtown) with some of my sisters before heading back to the lib to crank out yesterday's video (which didn't end up publishing until like 11 AM...not sure how that happened since I had it queued up to go at 7 AM, but my apologies!).

Yesterday, I got up and headed to Pure Barre (BEST way to start the day!) and spent the morning cleaning up my room (so needed) before heading to the library to get some reading done before class. The CEO of SunTrust came and spoke in my CEO Forum class last night, and then I jetted off to Chipotle with even more sisters for a quick dinner. 

Today I've got another jam-packed day of class (getting my first financial accounting exam back, y'all pray for me please!), a meeting for All-Sing, running swim practice, and a huge soiree this evening (sorry Mom). This weekend is going to be a blast, and I hope y'all's is just as great!

Also, Pure Barre Memphis is having a HUGE Greek Night tomorrow, and all Greek women in Memphis get free classes and a chance to win some Kendra Scott goodies, discounts on retail and classes, and did I mention FREE PURE BARRE?! Email to get in!

(ps, there's no compensation here, but I'm seriously a PB fanatic. True believer here)

xx, Victoria

Photos by Emily You and Olivia Burchett

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