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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to respectfully disagree

It's one of those things that you've just got to learn how to do.

Hot topics. Not the scary store that was all the rage in 2006, but things that everyone has different opinions on, like politics, religion, school administration, organization leaders, etc. Everyone has different opinions and views on things of this nature and therefore, they're touchy for everyone, no matter their stance.

As I get older and consider running for leadership roles on campus, I've started to notice an issue with people being downright mean to those leaders. Although I have full faith that I can handle a catty comment or two, I think we could all benefit from learning how to respectfully disagree.

Don't raise your voice
My mom used to get upset with me because I would raise my voice at her and all it led to was her raising her voice back at me. It makes things escalate so incredibly quickly.

Shut up eventually
Actually listen to whoever you're disagreeing with. Even if you still ultimately disagree, you can't poke holes in their argument if you aren't listening to what it is.

Counter their argument calmly
In all of my multiple arguments with my parents when I still lived at home, the number one thing that upset them was my tone of voice. Rarely was anything I was asking for out of the question or totally unreasonable, but when I got upset, they automatically shut down and were saying no because I was getting angry with them, not because anything I was saying was wrong or ridiculous.

Basically, how you say your opinions matters a heck of a lot more than what you say. As strange as it sounds, no one responds well to being cornered or yelled at, but people will see where you're coming from, even if they still disagree, and be more receptive to what you have to say.

xx, Victoria

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