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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Study Routine

Right as I was getting out of school, one of my Instagram followers, Maddie, requested a studying blog post. But, seeing as I had just finished up my final exams...I couldn't bring myself to write a post about how to stay up until 3 AM studying for an exam I didn't even do that well on.

But before I completely destroy my credibility here, let me tell you a few things that actually do work for me!

Pick a place
& stay there. I don't study well in my dorm room because all of my friends live on my hall and I get super distracted by everybody walking by and hanging out. It doesn't help that my bed is literally 2 feet away. But anyways, find a spot that works for you. I'm a fan of the first floor of the library personally, but figure out where you can get some stuff done and stay there.

Figure out how to handle noise
I like to listen to music when I study, but some people can't do that. Spotify has some good white noise stations if that's what you like and if you can study with the TV on... you go girl.

Try to study at the same time every day
I like to have my classes in the morning and study time in the afternoon before practice. Some people prefer to do the opposite and some people are total night owls and can study until 3 AM regularly. You do you!

Color code
YEEEEESSSS. ALL THE THINGS. Visual learners flourish with color coding, ya girl included.

So basically, my study routine is to take classes in the morning, study in the afternoon in the library with music on (spotify FTW) and tons of pens out for color coding. I'm definitely going to use these later today because even though my first day of class was yesterday, I ALREADY HAVE A QUIZ IN FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING. Kill me now, k thanks bye.

xx, Victoria

Photos by Olivia Burchett

(pssst these photos are a sneak peak of a really fun collaboration that's hitting the blog on Monday!)

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