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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#MMGreekWeek What to take to recruitment

The best motto for recruitment? Be prepared for EVERYTHING.


You'll have recruitment party after recruitment party, and you'll need to be prepared! You don't want to get caught with a stain on your outfit, a headache, or worst of all, hangry.

I packed a tote bag and threw in the following:

1. Tide To-Go pen

2. Concealer + foundation + corresponding makeup brushes

3. Oil-blotting sheets

4. Water bottle

5. Snack(s)

6. Recruitment name tag (DO NOT FORGET!)

7. Blister stick

8. Neutral nail polish

9. Phone charger

10. Extra earrings

11. Journal + pen

12. Hairbrush

13. Safety pins + travel sewing kit

14. Hair ties + bobby pins

15. Deodorant

I'll say it again - be ready for anything! Sweat, blisters, chipped nails, smeared makeup, runaway hair, etc. It will be hot, you will be running around in shoes that might pinch, and lemme tell ya, stress sweat and hunger are not a becoming combination.

Bring whatever you need to bring to make yourself feel comfortable and confident. For me, that means things that will keep me looking my best, hopefully not dripping sweat, and that will give me a chance to record my thoughts after visiting each house and to refresh before I head on to the next one.

Pin this image to keep this list on hand for when you need it!

xx, Victoria

Photos by Emily You

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