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Monday, August 3, 2015

#MMGreekWeek Open House

Hi, friends!

Today I'm kicking off an exciting week-long series about all things recruitment - what to wear, what to say, and any questions that you have will be answered!

But, before we get into all of those fun things, I have a quick message for the girls coming to Rhodes this year. I am currently Greek neutral, and will be until the end of Welcome Week, as I have been afforded the opportunity to be a PA leader (aka Welcome Week leader). So, if you already know which house I'm in, please keep it to yourself! If you don't know, I ask that you please don't go looking to find which house I am in or which house any of the other Greek neutral students are in. Please know that we are Greek neutral for a reason, and we hide our letters for a bit to allow YOU to make a decision with the least amount of bias possible.

So, now that we've hashed out those fun facts, let's talk about the first night of recruitment - open house.

It's the first night of recruitment! I remember that I was SO nervous about this night. For open house, you will go to every house on campus.

DRESS: Xhilaration (super, super old, similar) | BLUE NECKLACE: Kendra Scott via Nordstrom | PEARL NECKLACE: Dogeared | NAIL COLOR: Essie "Muchi Muchi" | SHOES: Jack Rogers

Open house night is a great way to get a feel for the girls in each house. Every chapter has a little different personality, and that first night is perfect for forming your own opinions about each house. Because let's admit it - at this point, you probably already have an idea about each house based on what you've heard and any interactions you might have had with girls prior to recruitment beginning.

It is absolutely crucial that you ignore all of these preconceived notions and form your own opinions. The best way to find the perfect house for you is to decide for yourself, not for your classmates or peers.

When I went through recruitment last year, I was pleasantly surprised by one of the houses on the row, and looking back, I actually think that it could have been a great fit. You never know which houses you'll end up loving, truly!

But just as open house is your chance to learn about each house, it's each house's turn to learn about you. You'll likely be asked a lot of similar questions, like what you were involved with in high school and what you're looking forward to getting involved with now that you're in college. This is your chance to show how hard you worked to get into college in the first place, and give the girls in each chapter a little taste of what you're like as a person.

The key to rocking your open house night is to stay as calm as you can (it's ok, everyone is nervous!) and keep an open mind (open mind on open house night! hehe).

Outfit wise, each school is different as to what they recommend that you wear for recruitment - some schools are incredibly formal, and some are more casual. More than likely, you'll be asked to wear a sundress or a skirt with a nice blouse. If I recall, we were told to wear something that we would wear to church or to a family brunch.  A sundress + Jacks is a perfect combination, and it's comfy and easy, so your outfit is the last thing you need to worry about. :)

In short, be yourself and keep an open mind. If you have any questions, tweet me (@vic_norris) and use the hashtag #MMGreekWeek!

Tomorrow I'll share tips on how to handle your makeup and what you need to bring with you to recruitment!

In the meantime, pin the image below to keep these tips on hand!

DRESS: Xhilaration (super, super old, similar) | BLUE NECKLACE: Kendra Scott via Nordstrom | PEARL NECKLACE: Dogeared | NAIL COLOR: Essie "Muchi Muchi" | SHOES: Jack Rogers

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xx, Victoria

Photos by Emily You


  1. Great advice... I fondly remember those days of rush (being on both sides) and loving the excitement!! Hope it all goes fabulous for all girls involved!
    xx, Karen

  2. I love the idea of having "greek neutrals" on campus! Good luck to all of the girls, Pledging my sorority was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

  3. I pledged Tri Delta & it was actually one of the worst experiences of my life because my sororities on my campus were not the normal nice girls you'd think they'd be. So much drama and one girl was messing around with my boyfriend and she did it because she was weirdly competitive with was such a mess. Needless to say I dropped out and thought TriDelta was the worst but I had a lot of friends in junior and senior year who loved their experiences and they were in some of the other sororities so although it didn't work out for me I'm so glad it works out for so many girls because it's definitely a nice thing to have a large support system like your sorority. Good luck to you & I hope recruitment is super fun!! xx

    1. Oh no! I'm so sorry you had a bad experience :( Thanks girl, I'm excited to go through it on the other side!

  4. Love this! I filmed a sorority recruitment advice video and it totally made me want to go back to college! Now I am working on a what to wear- -- such a fun time!!

  5. Great outfit picks! I love how you said "Stay as calm as you can!" So true - you want to stay calm, but inside your heart is beating 1 million miles a minute!! <3

    Amanda |

  6. Love your outfit! I never did pledge, I wish I would have! My sister made some lifelong friends!

  7. I was a Rho Gamma (aka PA leader) last year. It was the best experience I've ever had!! You are going to have SO much fun. Secretly dying to know what chapter you are in now, I had no idea you were in a sorority! Best of luck!

  8. This is great advice! I wish I went greek in college, I regret not participating in it!
    xo, Kyla - KyMarieC / @kycurrierlewis

  9. Oh cool- at Baylor we call the "neutral" girls Gamma Chis at Baylor. I never did it, but I know girls who love it. Rushing can be hard, so you are the people that girls need! I pledged Tri Delta and LOVED it.
    Southern Elle Style

  10. You look adorable! My school did things differently and we didn't rush until January, but this sounds like so much fun!

  11. Great advice! I was never in a sorority but heard that open house was always lots of anxiety. Perfect tips for all college girls :)

    xo Ivette

  12. Such great advice! This makes me miss college so much and takes me back to my recruitment days at Alabama! I had my heart set on a few sororities and even though I got bids from one of them I went with a house that I never thought I would, it's weird to people that haven't been in greek life but it's like you just know when you walk into the house if it's for you!


    1. I completely agree! I think it's really easy to get wrapped up in the stereotypes about each chapter and you've just got to let them go and make your choices based on what feels best for you!

  13. What a fun post! Although my college days seems far behind me I always remember the excitement of Greek week! Great tips and advice! xo

  14. This is such great advice! I love the color of that dress on you. :)

    jessica /

  15. Great post and great advice! I'm far removed from my Greek days (I was a Kappa at Clemson University) but for those going through it, I do think they will find this super helpful!

    Brooke | KBStyled

  16. How fun and helpful! Great advice you've given these girls!! You look adorable as always and love the layered short necklaces you got going on!

    xo, Nickie


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