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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Link Love

T-1 day until the weekend!

Let's head into the weekend with some fun articles, shall we?

Shark Week Party Ideas // Did anyone else find themselves plastered to the TV last night? This girl did! Although sharks absolutely terrify me, for some reason, I LOVE Shark Week. Go figure!

11 Reasons 'The O.C.' Summer Roberts was the voice of girls with hot tempers // Mainly because I love Summer and I adore Seth even more. And because Summer and Seth were the reason I kept watching The OC after the season 3 finale...#tears

BET Awards Red Carpet Photos // LOVED Janelle Monae's look, wanted to run away from Christina Milian's. Whose did you like?

Mascara re-done // I want to try this!

Going global // Forever in a state of wanderlust.

Scout cooler // I bought this this weekend and am already obsessed with it! It's HUGE and makes toting snacks around 10x cuter!

15 summer workout problems // I definitely got a good laugh out of this - Shape picked some hilarious GIFs!

New email address // YAY! I finally bought a domain for this little corner of the internet and I couldn't be happier! I'm loving the new and can't wait to reveal some really huge projects to you guys in the coming months or so. Let's just say that MM's 2nd birthday is going to be a PARTY! Anyways, the new email address is but no worries if you type the old one in, they all redirect to the same inbox so I'll get it :)

Popular on MM this week // Let's Chat // Workday Wear // Freshly updated tabs! (including a new one - "Featured")

Have a rest of your week!

xx, Victoria

Photo by Olivia Burchett

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