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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Getting to know you

...getting to know all about you (hi, Julie Andrews).

Halfway through the week, guys! Today's post is going to be a teensy bit different than usual.

According to my trusty Google Analytics, there are a lot of new readers here at MM, and let me first say that I am SO glad to have you! That being said, I wanted to tell you a little more about me than my "about me" page divulges, so with that being said, here are a few quick facts!

One // I am a complete binge-watcher
It's sort of an issue. I watched all 10 seasons of Friends in 8 weeks, I watched all 9 seasons of Desperate Housewives in 10 weeks, and I destroyed both House of Cards and Orange is the New Black (literally watched the entire new season in 2 days...). I really don't have the time to watch this much Netflix but I can't stop if a show is good! (side note - I'm starting Game of Thrones and I am SO confused. If you wanna help a girl out, I'm all ears!)

Two // Sleep is very important
If I don't get enough sleep, a) watch out world and b) here I come, Starbucks. I actually recently found out that there is a medical reason why I used to be so tired all the time (I'll share more on that in a few months - it's a very personal thing for the moment, but details will come in good time!), so right now I'm taking full advantage of being out of a dorm and sleeping as much as I can!

Three // I sorta/kinda have an idea of what I want to do with my life
So here's the thing - I love writing. I love bright colors and bold designs. But I also love tangible results that come with sales, revenues, etc.  For now, I'm thinking I will double major in political science and business with a concentration in marketing. At Rhodes, those two majors are both incredibly demanding, so what I will most likely do is drop one of those to a minor if I find that I have a stronger passion or inclination for one over the other. I want to keep business in there because it is practical and interesting to me, but I love how political science asks tough questions that don't have concrete answers.

Four // Swimming is a bit of a roller coaster for me
I really struggled with this this past year, as even though Rhodes is a D3 school, the program was a lot more demanding than I was expecting. Honestly, if I don't have wet hair and goggle marks on my face, either I'm sick or somehow got out of swimming that day. In honor of full disclosure, the sport is a bit of an uphill battle for me now. I injured my shoulder my sophomore year of high school, and it goes in and out with how well it's doing. And, as I mentioned above, there are some health issues that I'm handling right now, and it is fully possible that I won't get to finish the upcoming season. My teammates are truly the best people on this planet, and I am constantly floored by how loving and caring they are. I have 51 best friends because of them! But in terms of what's to come this year, all I can do is my best, and you best believe I will fight my hardest to stay in the water.

Five // Cats freak me out
I am a complete and total dog person. I like kittens, but cats just creep me out! They're quiet and their eyes are just...weird to me. I'll stick with dogs!

Six // I'm not the greatest driver
Let's just say my first car went through more than its fair share of trips to the local body shop... Usually what happens is I either get lost and therefore distracted trying to figure out where I am or I just don't react in time. I relate to this very, very well.

Seven // I fear being old
It's weird, right? I honestly feel like the day I hit 40 will be a terrifying day...I don't fear wrinkles or anything like that (hello, college is already giving me all those fun stress lines) but I think what freaks me out is being able to look at yourself and know that more than likely, your life is halfway over...isn't that freaky?!

Eight // I rarely shut up
Seriously, if you're sick of me talking, just fuss at me. I'm also often told that I speak very loudly, so you'll also probably hear someone telling me to use my inside voice like I'm a 5-year-old. I also tend to ramble when I feel awkward or uncomfortable, so yes, it is completely appropriate to tell me to shut up then. :)

Nine // I'm working on being better with money
Funny story - my senior year of high school I actually went into debt because of my Starbucks addiction. I went every morning before school and ordered a treinta iced coffee with vanilla and half & half (and then proceeded to put 14 Splendas in it...every day... we'll just call that semester a dark time for my wallet & my pancreas, ok?). Although that $3.77 price tag may not seem like a lot every once in a while, it quickly added up and soon, my bank account was empty. However, I always thought that when my debit card ran out, it would just stop and cut me off. Unfortunately, it was tied to my mom's account because I was a minor at the time (neither of us knew), and it was charging a $36 overdraft fee EVERY MORNING. I was paying $39.77 for coffee for over a month before I realized that I had actually run up quite a tab. Needless to say, I was in trouble... But hey, now I have a savings account that I deposit as much money as I can, as often as I can, and I refuse to let it dip below my car insurance deductible amount! (...see #6...)

Ten // My hair is always irritating me
I mean yeah...what's new. I've donated my hair twice now, and I would love to do it again once it grows back out! It's always either too short, too long, or too wet (#swimmerprobz) so if you hear me whining about my hair not cooperating, it's nothing new. (side note - proud of my hair for finally being long enough to braid again.)

Eleven // Life goals = DJ
If I could DJ just one party before I graduate from college, I will be SO happy. I almost always have music playing and feel like I have a pretty good handle on what people like to listen to. But seriously if you want me to DJ your next frat party...I'll be there...not even kidding...

Twelve // I remember random details about people
I might forget your name, but I will not forget that story about this time in 3rd grade when you wore a Limited Too shirt and your friends thought it was cool. I have a tendency to remember very obscure facts that aren't really that important...who knows.

So, now you know a little more about me, I want to hear about YOU! Tell me three things that wouldn't be on your "about me" page if you had one, and I'm so glad to see all of your faces, old or new, and hope you'll stick around.

xx, Victoria

Photo by Emily You

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  1. You are too cute! My hair always irritates me, I have a knack for details and I love binge-watching as well! GOT is very confusing, but you'll get used to it eventually. My advice with it is not to look for it online, spoilers EVERYWHERE.

    Ane | Basque Prep

  2. So funny! Loved learning about you :) 1) I have routines that I stick that and if they don't go right, my whole morning is ruined (yeah...working on this, haha) 2) I am way more productive in the morning 3) Which is funny, because if I'm working hard on something, I may stay up until the wee hours of the night.

    Southern Elle Style

  3. I am a cat purrrrrrson but we can still be friends! haha... And I'm all about the binge watching. Every year when OITNB comes out I basically plow through them all in 48 hours!
    xx, Karen
    Glam Karen

  4. Holy moly you go through TV shows so fast!! I average a season a month haha! (Also dogs > cats hahaa)

  5. Love learning more about you! Love that your life goals is DJ'ing - that would be awesome wouldn't it? Love these! XO


  6. I fear being old too...the thought of it is terrifying!

  7. Haha loved #6! I go through Netflix series fast too! I watched the series of Gossip Girls in like a month in a half (crazy I know).

    Amanda ||

  8. Too cute…good luck this season with swim! Our sitter is coming their next year to run track…her name is Rosie Lobelson if you ever have the chance to meet her. ;-) And you should absolutely DJ a party…there is plenty of time to check that off!

    Brooke | KBStyled

  9. Hahaha, I am not a huge fan of cats either, but somehow we have one. -.-

    I get grumpy if I don't sleep lots, too.

    jessica /

  10. Starbucks is my obsession... two kids and minimal sleep? I feel like I should just be getting it for free at this point right? And I had no idea you were only in college.. you seem much older and mature! Wish I could be back in college again!

  11. high five on cats--they freak me out too!!!

  12. Love this post!! I also don't prefer cats, binge watch shows like crazy!, and am extremely grumpy if I don't get enough sleep! <3
    Amanda |

  13. This is awesome! We have a few things in common - I hate cats, I love sleeping, and I definitely don't want to get old!

  14. I loved reading this! We have a few things in common, I too don't shut up! HA! Getting older is awesome wise-wise :) and as long as you take care of yourself and stay young at heart you've got nothing to worry about. I am in my 40s and I don't feel a day over 24 (my fave age) but MAN am I WAY smarter than I was back then! ;)

    À LA PLAGE style

  15. I seriously loved reading this post! So fun getting to know more about you! And that starbucks store...yikes!! Those were some expensive morning coffees! Loved the Limited Too reference btw :)

    xoxo, Christina

    Fitness & Frills

  16. I always love learning more about bloggers, such a fun read!

    xo Rachel
    To Hell In A Handbag

  17. These are the best type of post!! I love getting to know the blogger behind the blog. My husband is ALWAYS telling me that I talk to loud! hehe

  18. Such a cute post! I can relate to #10 :)


  19. I used to run cross country & track in high school...then I stopped working out completely so naturally I am no longer the slender me I was "back in the day" okay it was like 7 years ago that I was in high school but still I'm too young to think about "back in the day I was XYZ." I absolutely used to be allergic to cats but now I live with two so I guess I'm not that allergic or otherwise I'd be dead. I used to love swimming in the ocean, but now I just do not want to go in there because of all the shark attacks we have heard about recently. Thanks for sharing more about you! I enjoyed reading it all :) xx

  20. Very pretty. I think these colors would look amazing for a destination wedding =)
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