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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

10 fabulous 423 restaurants

Man oh man if you find yourself hungry in Chattown, you are in the right place!

Get ready for some awesome food.

Sushi Nabe // North Shore
Holy SMOKES is this place amazing. Hands-down, best sushi I've ever had. It's in a great location, basically inside Coolidge Park, and there are tons of cute shops and ice cream places to go to before or after dinner!

Clumpies // North Shore
Speaking of ice cream... Clumpies is awesome local summer sweetness that can be found on Frazier Avenue and in two places on Lookout Mountain.

Urban Stack // Southside
If you're craving an awesome burger that won't make you feel horrible later, head down to Southside Chatt for a great burger & sweet potato fries.

Taco Mamacita // North Shore
Taco Mama is in the same family of restaurants as Urban Stack (as is Milk & Honey and Clyde's) and their California Cobb Salad is my absolute favorite! See a snap of that here.

Las Margaritas // Riverview
It ain't pretty but daaaaaang is it good. Literally no one in my family likes it except for me but...oh well. I think it's delicious!

Totto // North Shore
5 words - lunch buffet with unlimited sushi. UNLIMITED SUSHI.

Blue Plate // Downtown
They serve breakfast all day long, and who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

The Terminal // Southside
A flatiron building with in-house brews and killer calzones. The atmosphere is awesome and the food is just as good!

Aretha Frankenstein's // Riverview
It's a house. Literally, a house. Their pancakes are to die for, and their burritos are surprisingly good too!

Lupi's // Downtown & Hixson
There are a few locations around town, and there's some awesome toppings combinations you wouldn't think of off the bat. It's a great homemade pizza joint!

Ready for some snacks? hehe ;)

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xx, Victoria

Photo by Olivia Burchett


  1. All these places sound amazing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. Great round up! I'd for sure hit the Blue Plate, breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day!! And how cute are you in that huge sombrero! Adorable.

  3. This post is making me hungry! Thanks for all the suggestions! :)

    xoxo Hannah Shanae

  4. Yumm! You have me hungry for Mexican food and ice cream!

    Amanda ||

  5. If I'm ever in the area I'll be sure to check out these places :)

  6. Such a fun list!!

  7. the burger place sounded good! I am so skeptical of mexican food places outside of texas...they have let me down one too many times. I am willing to be a test subject though;)
    Southern Elle Style

  8. OK I am seriously going to have to visit now because I LOVE FOOD!! Love this list!

    xoxo Amanda
    The Miller Affect

  9. Dang, if I'm ever go to Chattanooga I will know exactly where I should eat so thanks for sharing! xx

  10. Well now that I'm absolutely starving... haha thanks for sharing :) All sound amazing!

  11. You look so cute! This just made me totally hungry :)

    À LA PLAGE style

  12. I want to try all of these places!! I absolutely love to eat, I think it's one of the best parts about traveling somewhere different is getting to try out all the different places to eat!! xo

  13. Since I come to Chattanooga a lot, I love that I now know of some other fabulous places to eat!! I love the terminal, taco mamacita, and clumpies, they are all delicious!!



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