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Monday, June 22, 2015

Workday Lunches {GIVEAWAY!}

Happy Monday, friends!

I know we’re all oh-so glad to be back to the grind after having a fun Father’s Day weekend. Each of us have special relationships with our fathers, and I am so glad that I got to spend the day with mine!

I’m also pretty lucky because not only do I get to spend Father’s Day with my dad, but during the week, I’m with him too. One of my jobs this summer is at his office (I’ll tell y’all a little more about what I’m doing there in a few weeks – stay tuned!), so although I don’t work directly with him, I do get to see him a lot throughout the day.

I am so SO grateful to have that job, but I’m definitely used to moving around a lot during the day. Rather, when I’m lifeguarding, I’m moving from stand to stand, cleaning the pool, plyaing with kids, etc., and when I’m at school, I move from class to class, practice to library, etc. Short read – I have trouble sitting still all day. It makes me sleepy!

So, I bet you can imagine how pumped I am to be up and moving around during my lunch break. However, because of the sedentary nature of my job, I need to bring something light and energizing so I won’t fall asleep during the second half of the day!

I like to start out by making a minimum of half of my lunch vegetables. Baby spinach is one of my favorite summer foods because it is filling and goes with pretty much anything.

I then add tomatoes and fresh mozzarella to nearly every single lunch I pack. You can’t beat a combo like that when it’s blazing hot outside!

If we have any leftover salad veggies, like olives, hearts of palm, etc., I’ll throw them in too, but for today I’m keeping it pretty simple.

Next I add in some protein. This is SO important for me. If I don’t add some in, I will completely crash and feel horrible. I just use leftovers for this. I usually ask my mom to make an extra helping of whatever meat we have for dinner the night before, and today I had the choice of leftover chicken or shrimp. Since we don’t have shrimp nearly as often as we have chicken, I opted for the shrimp for some variety.

I’ll add a scoop of some leftover quinoa salad, and all my food is set to go!

But, before I scramble out the door (#foreveroversleeping), I’ve been adding a new item to my lunch bag recently – coffee. When it’s this hot outside, I absolutely hate hot coffee. I know my body needs the caffeine, but I just can’t manage to gulp a 90-degree drink down when it’s over 90 degrees outside.

High Brew Coffee was kind enough to send me a case of their canned cold-brew coffee, and I’m telling y’all, it is the best thing to get me through those long days at the office. It is refreshing and creamy, and there are only 60 calories in each can (their Black & Bold version only has 20!). I really like that there isn’t a whole lot of sugar in each can. Too much sugar, especially at mid-day will really cause that 3 PM crash, and for me, HBC has just the right amount of sugar to plow me through the rest of the day’s tasks.

Today, I’m so stinkin’ excited because High Brew is giving a case of their delicious coffee away to not one, but TWO of you! You’ll each get a case with all their different flavors, a t-shirt, sticker, lip balm, and a few more things so you can rep HBC if you so choose! This Texas based company is going places, y’all, and I’m so pumped to share them with you. If you want to try out a can or two for fun, you can grab them at Target too!

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below, and good luck!

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Special thanks to High Brew Coffee for sponsoring this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Memphis Made possible!

xx, Victoria


  1. Looks so delish! YES to the quinoa... I'm addicted!

  2. you are my hero for preparing these! I have not been on a schedule in so long and my clothes can definitely tell :( You have inspired me to make some more yummy dishes - i am such a fan of caprese salad!

  3. I love eating a healthy lunch like this, it keeps me going all afternoon. But lunch is my least favorite meal of the day. I should try the High Brew cold coffee. I love an afternoon coffee around 3, but when its hot out, I'd rather a cold drink.

  4. Darcy - it's SO good and filling!
    a la plage - Thank you! Caprese is so yummy when it's hot outside! :)
    Betsy - It's my new favorite thing around that time of day! I just can't stand a hot drink, so the fact that it's cold is the best thing to power me through until the day ends!

    Thanks for reading gals!

  5. i am alwas looking for lunch ideas, so thanks for sharing that with us. i have not heard of this coffee before, so thank you for introducing that to us!!


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