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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wake up faster

Would I consider myself a morning person? Yes.
Would I consider myself a person who hates waking up? Absolutely.

Once I'm up, we're good, but goodness, getting there is just about the worst thing in the world. 

Here are a few things I do to help myself not hate the world before my feet even hit the ground -

One // Coffee
Duh. Elixir of life here. But really, get a coffee blend that you like and have all the fixings easy to get a hold of in the morning. I know you can program some coffee makers to brew at a certain time everyday, so if you have one of those, that might help! (PS have you entered the High Brew Coffee giveaway yet?)

Two // Obnoxious alarm(s)
My roommate is a saint when it comes to my multiple alarms. Neither of us like waking up so we understand! The alarm that makes me jolt is the first few notes of Vampire Weekend's "A-Punk." I will never look at that song the same way again, but man does that get me UP!

Three // Breakfast you love
Personally, 3 egg whites and a little mozzarella takes me from a walking zombie to a functional being. But that may not be it for you! If waffles or yogurt makes your heart happy, go for it! Just grab something that you look forward to wolfing down every day.

Four // Make the first thing you look at something you like
It could be your dog, the bird chirping outside, or my shining face via Internet (hehe). Whatever it is that makes your groggy self smile a little, that's what you need to put right in front of you when that proverbial rooster crows.

If you have any tips for getting up faster, please let me know! I can always use a little boost to get going first thing.

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xx, Victoria


  1. Loving the tips you have for waking up faster. I am a morning people as well, but actually opening your eyes and getting out of bed is the worst along with the first few minutes. Once my teeth are brushed, I feel more sane but it's a bummer that it's just so hard to wake up for most people! Thanks for sharing some of your tips as they are helpful- I am so bad when it comes to eating breakfast on the regular. Ain't nobody got time for that everyday! xx

  2. I totally agree with multiple alarms. I set like 10!!! I also like the breakfast you like one! I try to do this as a reward for getting up and working out:)
    Southern Elle Style

  3. I am right there with you with obnoxious alarms because I don't drink coffee and a rarely have breakfast it is the only way for me to be like okay get up! But sadly what helps the best is that I go to bed early which rarely happens. hahaha. Great tips!!


  4. Love these tips! I really need to get in the habit of eating breakfast. Xoxo

    Petals and Prada

  5. Cute post! What gets me out of bed is COFFEE! It's the first thing I do every morning! I also love to watch CNN and poke around on the computer. I love getting up extra early to enjoy a peaceful and quiet house before the kids are up.

  6. I wish I was a coffee person, I prefer tea which unfortunately has less and barley any caffeine! But I always set multiple obnoxious alarms! Its something my boyfriend absolutely hates, hah! I can wake up pretty easy but I am not a morning person, I am so grouchy in the morning.
    xo, Kyla - KyMarieC / @kycurrierlewis

  7. Yay I joined the giveaway already yesterday! My alarm is so obnoxious but only because there is no way I can go to sleep after I think I am hearing a fire alarm go off! haha!
    xoxo Amanda

    The Miller Affect

  8. I actually don't like coffee at all. Water is the only thing I like to drink. And as for breakfast I like a cup of fruit and some cereal. I'm a morning person, so as soon as my alarm goes off, my feet hit the floor. On the other hand, I'm not so much of a night owl. I'm usually in bed no later than 10:30pm-ha!

    Amanda ||

  9. I have the same struggle of loving to be up and at 'em early but hate physically getting out of the bed! I wish I could get into coffee, it would help me immensely!

    Carley @

  10. I set like three alarms to get up hahahah!

  11. Love that necklace! So boho chic. And absolutely a breakfast you love. Makes you actually want to get up and make it because it's going to be so yummy!

    xoxo, Nickie of

  12. Hahahhaha I'm dying... elixir of life. Truth sista... preach!

  13. Girl I am so jealous that you are a morning person!! I seriously don't truly wake up till like 10am!! Lol and I don't drink coffee either to make matters even worse!! I wish I liked it! I have to set like 4 alarms so I don't over sleep :) lol


  14. lol i love that song. i can se how it would wake you up! i need all the help i can get waking up!


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