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Friday, June 12, 2015

Things I'm Loving

Bear with me because this post is random. It's kind of a link love meets what I'm listening to meets Pinterest.

I am addicted to this song. It's the perfect mix of slow and fast and catchy and just SO GOOD. Try alternating it with "Someone New" and it's just Hozier happiness. Also - and this is going to sound strange - but has anyone else noticed a vinyl-esque sound to all of Hozier's tracks? Something in the production makes it sound a little less clear and a little warmer and I like it. Call me crazy...

Who is artsy and can paint this for me? I fear that if I attempted it my poor little would be horrified by my lack of artistic ability...

Y'all. I am SO EXCITED to tell you that I've been accepted as an Evelyn Henson campus rep for this upcoming school year! I am beyond obsessed with Evelyn's designs and products, and can't wait to share some EH goodies with you guys. I created a #brightlydecoratedlife Pinterest board to keep track of the types of things that inspire me to live the bright and fun lifestyle that Evelyn curates. This mug and this journal are my two favorites right now! 

Four // S'well bottle
I want one so badly. They're just so bright and cute and I've heard nothing but good things about them. But...$45 for a 24 ounce water bottle just seems excessive... If you have a S'well bottle, is it worth it?!

I am horrible at shopping for guys. They don't want pretty things, they want useful things, and that disconnect makes it tough for me to shop for them. Chandler from Shotguns & Seashells has some great ideas!

xx, Victoria

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