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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Moving home

A bit of a life update today.

I've been home for a little over a month now. While I must admit it's been great being back in the city I love (have you heard about this great award Chattown won?), it's a complete 180 from life back at Rhodes.

At school, I was running a mile a minute with a to-do list that was constantly too long. However, it was one of those situations where the more I had to do, the more I got done. It was also incredibly fun to be so close to all of my friends all the time. I so miss being with all my best friends. To be honest with y'all, a lot of my friends from high school aren't in Chattanooga anymore. Their parents got new jobs or they are staying at school or they got great internships far from home. In that regard, it's been a bit...lonely. It's weird being so far away from all the people I got so close with so quickly.

On the other hand, life in Chattanooga isn't too bad either. It's just different. It's slower paced in some ways, and faster in others. I'm currently working 2 jobs and 2 internships. I've got my plate nice and full with work to do, trust me! But I've also been prioritizing spending time with my family and getting my health in order. For now, it's a nice balance of work and play.

I'm certainly missing Memphis though. I miss the pace and the people. But it's also been nice to slow things down just a tiny bit.

Those of you who are spending your first summer at home, how's it going?

xx, Victoria

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