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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Morning Routine

Here's the thing about mornings - I hate waking up. It just might be the worst thing. But mornings? Those I like.

Quite the conundrum, huh?

One of the nice (?) things about being home is going to bed early. Like...ridiculously early. I don't hate it. The main benefit is that I wake up on my own (!!!) a little before 7 AM. That never happened when I was at school.

But just because I wake up then doesn't mean I get up then... ;)

6:45 - wake up, roll over, and back to bed

7:15 - first alarm goes off, take medicine, hit snooze...again

7:17 - second alarm goes off

7:23 - third alarm goes off

7:30 - fourth alarm goes off, actually wake up, check phone for missed messages, social media, & morning blog posts

7:40 - get out of bed, put back all the covers I threw off my bed (I'm a weirdly violent sleeper), stumble into my bathroom

7:42 - wash face, put in contacts (this literally takes FOREVER), figure out something to do with my hair

7:50 - head downstairs, make breakfast (usually scrambled eggs), drink coffee, make my lunch if I'm going to be gone for the day, watch a few minutes of the news

8:03 - head back upstairs whilst inhaling breakfast, get dressed, get my things together for the day

8:10 - leave the house for either Pure Barre, the gym, or work, and probably craving iced coffee!

xx, Victoria

Photos by Emily You

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  1. This was such a cute post, I also have to set numerous alarms in order to finally get up!!


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