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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Makeup removal

This is actually a pretty highly requested post! I'm going to be up front though - I edited some of these pictures for lighting, but I didn't take out a single dark mark or zit. My skin is so far from perfect, but keeping it clean and makeup free at the end of the day is the best thing I can do for it.

First up, I start with a makeup wipe. I just use the generic ones, and these serve to just get the majority of the makeup off my face.

 See, a lot comes off!
But, that isn't everything. Next I use Simple Micellar Water and it might as well be a makeup magnet because it pulls tons more impurities out of my skin.

See, lots of stuff! The micellar water is great for the eye area - it dissolves waterproof mascara and stubborn eyeliner really well.

The next thing I use is Neutrogena cleanser. It's both cleanser and makeup remover, and is super gentle and effective.

I use my Clarisonic about every other day, and the other days I just use my hands.

 Dry off, slather on some moisturizer, and then, you've got...

A completely makeup free Vic.

xx, Victoria

Photos by Emily You

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