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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Instagram Lately

No better way to get through a Tuesday than with some pretty pictures, right?

I'm OBSESSED with these. My sincerest apologies for featuring them in nearly every single Instagram lately.

I can now say I have attended not one, but two crawfish boils! I mean, what's better than throwing a bunch of dead crawfish around a fraternity house?

Speaking of food...I had Central 3 times in one week a few weeks ago and I was not the least bit upset about it.

When I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago, Olivia (da roomie/photographer) took me into Lush for the first time and I bought myself a bath bomb to celebrate surviving a bunch of super not-fun doctors appointments.

This gorgeous cherry blossom tree was right outside my dorm, and I got to walk past it about 4-5 times a day. And then we had a huge storm and it blew all of the blossoms away.

No one tell my RA I was burning a candle, ok? Ok. But really though, these smell amazing and make my room smell a million times better.

I was craving Chipotle, but was lacking the time (and money, who am I kidding) to go, so I took an avocado to the dining hall on campus, threw some rice, chicken, tomatoes, and black olives together and it was actually really good!

Y'all. I was thrilled when they contacted me, and I was even more thrilled when these pretty gems showed up in my mailbox. Rocksbox, a Netflix-esque jewelry service, will send you 3 designer pieces a month when you sign up online. Regular monthly fees are $19, but with the code "victorianorrisxoxo," you can get your first month free! Stay tuned to see what pretty things my stylist picked out for me this month!

Shop all of these pieces and similar ones here:

xx, Victoria

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