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Friday, March 20, 2015


College was the first time I had never worn a uniform to school. Needless to say, the task was slightly daunting.

Let me explain - August was the first time in my entire life where I dressed myself - my school no longer dictated what I wore.

I mean...that's pretty weird, right? An 18-year-old who is still learning what to wear. So naturally, I still reach for things that remind me of my former uniform days - a skirt, an oxford, and a sweater. Naturally.

Side note - I had two uniforms from middle school to high school. The school I went to (6-12 school) had a summer and winter uniform. The summer uniform was a dress like this and the winter uniform was a plaid or navy skirt and an oxford.

 And after all, what could make a girl happier than something that reminds her of home?

Shop these pieces and similar ones below:

xx, Victoria

Photos by Olivia Burchett

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