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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rhodes College Campus Safety vs. ISIS

The other day, one of my professors pointed out that campus safety isn't quite equipped to deal with the international terrorist group known as ISIS.

This past weekend, the Rhodes College student body became aware that one of our professors was being targeted by ISIS. Yes, ISIS ISIS.

You can find more information on what they want with our professor here.

Today, I want to discuss how I feel about an international terrorist organization threatening someone who walks the same campus I do every single day.

I've been shocked by the reactions of the campus. If I had to guess, I'd say the student body is split between wanting this professor to take a sabbatical (very concerned) for a little while and in not taking this threat seriously (not concerned).

I don't think I necessarily fall under either category. Personally, I feel that a threat from ISIS is not one to go ignored by any means. However, I do not feel that this warrants an extreme reaction; rather, we should not be afraid of them.

Why? I mean, after all, they are a terrorist organization. And one that has shown its disdain for Americans at that. But here's the thing about terrorists - they only thrive if people are afraid of them. They only thrive if people change their daily routines or courses of action because of them.

Some of my classmates, even some of my close friends, are saying that they want to go home and that they feel the college should give us the option to stay or go based on these threats. I understand why they feel that way. However, changing our regular courses of action, walking around afraid of anything and everything, that is exactly what ISIS wants. They want to create a community that lives in fear of them.

I must say that I am in awe of Professor Qadhi's bravery and eloquence regarding the situation. I am also proud to attend a school that did not exile him because of these threats. Living in fear is what terrorism is, and although some of my classmates are afraid, I am glad that I am amongst an administration and faculty that will not stand for it.

xx, Victoria


  1. I completely agree with you Victoria. Shutting down the school, forcing Professor Qadhi to take a sabbatical, etc, is only showing ISIS, and any other terrorist group watching, that they have the power to disrupt the everyday lives of everyday people in America, which in turn will give them even more power. Obviously it's still scary, and I couldn't imaging being in Professor Qadhi's position, but I think that as long as due diligence is given, it's important to continue on as normal.

    My thoughts are with you and everyone else at Rhodes College as this must be difficult, regardless of whether or not it goes any farther (and I pray it doesn't).

  2. Katie,
    Thank you for all of your kind words. It's definitely scary, but that shouldn't change anything! Thanks for reading xoxo


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xx, Victoria