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Monday, March 2, 2015

NPC Badge Day

Oh, pin attire.

It always seems to land on the days when I most want to lay down and sleep for 15 more minutes rather than put on a full face of makeup and a dress. To be honest, I don't mind doing that for school by any means, I just always happen to forget about pin attire and have to scramble to get ready. Funny coincidence how those things happen, right?!

But regardless, I think there's something to be said for one day a month where the whole chapter decides to make an effort. It's a sort of bonding.

You might notice that I actually do not have a pin on - ours haven't come in yet. As the newest pledge class, it takes a little while for them to get here once ordered.

Today is a little bit of a special pin attire day though, because it is National Badge Day. Rather, all Panhellenic sororities across the country are wearing their pin attire to honor the organizations they call home. Even though I haven't been a KD for long, I am still so proud and happy to be one. Thanks to Annaliese for hosting this linkup!

Shop my outfit and similar pieces below:

xx, Victoria

Photos by Olivia Burchett (who stood in the pouring rain and took these - she's truly the best!)

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