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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Life Lately

I haven't done one of these in quite some time, so I figured I'd let y'all know what's going on in my life besides some great new shoes and shopping for clothes on the internet.

First off, it's been quite an adjustment being out of swim season. I thought I'd have tons and tons of free time, and while I did for the first week or so, spring semester has really picked up, and now I'm pretty darn busy! School is going infinitely better than it was last semester. It's partly because I have better professors, but it's also due to the fact that I'm taking classes that are more interesting to me this time around. Although the courses are more challenging, I don't mind as much because they're more interesting to me. It's my inner geek coming out, don't judge!

Speaking of being geeky, yesterday was a really big day for me. I had the honor of speaking at the Gender & Sexuality Studies Symposium here at Rhodes. Although I'm not a GSS major or minor, I wrote a paper on Tennessee's Amendment One through the lens of a book I read in high school called The Handmaid's Tale, and submitted it for the symposium. I plan to pursue other similar opportunities as well. Let's hear it for people who write papers for fun!

ALSO - I have the privilege of rooming with this lovely lady again! Woohoo!

Since I'm not spending 5 hours a day commuting to and from practice and swimming, I've been spending it in a few different ways. I've picked up Pure Barre again and I've already seen a difference in my body. It isn't exactly a secret that my body changed since coming to college, and Pure Barre has been by far the most effective thing to combat that. Plus, it's a fun workout and I really enjoy it! I've also been finally able to attend KD chapter meetings and participate in various events. Although these things can sometimes be tedious, it's been a great reminder to me why I chose to go KD in the first place.

Life in general has been much better this semester. I was a complete mess when I went home for Christmas Break. I was on the verge of transferring schools and quitting swimming, and I'm so glad that I didn't do either of those things. Although swimming in college has been a huge adjustment, I feel confident that next season will be better simply because I won't spend half of the season trying to get used to things. What was making me so upset all the time was my relationship. This is not to say anything against the guy - he really is an awesome person, and I wish him every happiness - but we just didn't work anymore, and it was really hard on me. So for January, I was a mess too, but hey, you have to take those things one day at a time.

So, the short read is that I'm fully embracing how geeky I am. At least my GPA is happier? ;)

xx, Victoria

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