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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

10 Great Memphis Restaurants

If you get hungry in Memphis, you're in a great place.

In my 7 or so months as Memphian, I would say I've become a connoisseur of sorts of Chinese and Mexican food. You know, working that college budget.

But, that doesn't mean I don't have some fabulous recommendations that break that mold!

1. Mulan (Midtown)
If we're being completely honest, my friends and I probably order takeout once a week. It is so good. The best part is that they deliver, so for busy nights in the library, food comes to you, and it is delicious. I recommend General Tso's chicken, the chicken fried rice, and the crunchy crab roll (my absolute favorite!).

2. Frida's (Midtown)
It's a little pricier than some other Mexican places in town, but their queso is fabulous and I've heard their margaritas are really good too!

3. Majestic Grille (Downtown)
If you want to venture downtown and don't want to destroy your bank account, a grilled cheese or chicken caesar salad at Majestic is the way to go. They certainly have some pricier entrees like ravioli and steak, but their more affordable options are just as good!

4. Huey's (Numerous locations)
My go-to when I'm craving a burger. You can get in and out for under $10, but if you split cheese fries with your friends, I won't tell, promise! ;)

5. Cafe Eclectic (Numerous locations)
It is always packed, but it is so well worth the wait. You can get anything breakfast-y you could ever dream of, and their coffees are to die for. They have Illy coffee, but also have some awesome in-house drinks.

6. Trolley Stop (Downtown)
It will be the most heavenly pizza you will ever have. The slices are absolutely humongous, and something about their ingredients just tastes really fresh.

7. Central BBQ (Numerous locations)
I couldn't write a post on Memphis restaurants without throwing in a barbecue joint! Central's BBQ nachos are awesome, but I also recommend just a portion of pulled pork with collard greens for a slightly healthier option. You also get to keep the cups (they're stadium cups), and that's a bonus.

8. Flight (Downtown)
If you're prepared to drop a little bit of cash, Flight is a great place to go. It's downtown, and they have really good appetizers and it's a great place to get a steak.

9. Houston's (Midtown)
I highly recommend their artichoke leaf appetizer and their salmon. Another place where you can run up quite a tab if you want to, but it is certainly worth the splurge every once in a while (or when your parents are in town).

10. Old Venice Pizza Company (Midtown)
Their mozzarella sticks are huge and delicious, and it's a fun place to go with a big group of friends to get some good pizza or pasta.

Fellow Memphians, where do you like to go?

xx, Victoria

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