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Friday, February 6, 2015

What I'm Listening To

Another week, another playlist. Side note - I've been having a bit of trouble lately getting the Spotify widgets to load properly into blog posts, so if the widget isn't popping up, click here to listen!

I found a Spotify playlist called "8-hour pop" geared for a workday full of upbeat tunes. From there, I found many more songs that I was seriously loving as I jammed out in the library powered through some homework.

This week's playlist ranges from awesome beats a la "Obsessed" to a version of Fifty Shades of Grey's version of "Crazy in Love" (I cannot get enough of this version! I love how they slowed down a song like "Crazy in Love" like that. Also, Beyonce's version of this song hasn't come out on iTunes yet to my knowledge, but when it does consider it in my library) to a song the roomie cannot stop listening to - "Cheerleader." Y'all might remember how a few months back I would not stop listening to "Reflections" by the MisterWives, and "Cheerleader" is her "Reflections." All the repeats. ;)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

xx, Victoria

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