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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vic's Declassified School Survival Guide {Senioritis}

In the final semester of my high school career, I fell. And I fell hard.

Senioritis is often described as the disease that tends to plague second-semester seniors as they realize that they are so ready to be out of high school that they no longer care to do the work necessary to finish out their high school careers. This phenomena is also known as senior slide. And I too succumbed to its tantalizing benefits as I realized that my time with all my best friends was limited and that physics just wasn't really that important after all.

Although I certainly fell prey to senioritis in the 3rd quarter of my senior year, by 4th quarter I came back just a bit to finish out the year because well, physics, although I hated it, still counted towards my final GPA and the fear of a school rescinding admission haunted me every day I walked into the science building.

Moral of the story - learn from my mistakes. Don't fall prey to senioritis. There is in fact a way to avoid it and still soak up time with all your friends before life takes you different ways.

Physics and calculus were the banes of my existence this time last year, and it was much too easy to ignore them rather than spend the laborious hours that the classes required of me studying for them. I suggest taking an inventory of what's going on around you - maybe forgo lunch with a friend after school and ask for a weekend date instead, or ask to have lunch with him or her during your lunch period at school.

Balance your day
Try out a ratio system to balance how much time you spend with friends. For example, if you spend 3 hours doing calculus, you can have 1 with your friends on the weekend. Something like that was very helpful for me because it forced me to prioritize school, but it also allowed me to reward myself for hard work with good company.

Be realistic
Remember your goals. There's no way you'll get out of your hometown if your dream school rescinds your application. Remember why you're still doing homework at all, and just power through it. You've got this. You'll be out of there way before you know it.

xx, Victoria

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