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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review - The Day Designer

It's no secret that I live and breathe by my planner. Oftentimes I find myself needing a place to organize what I need to do, when I need to do it by, and occasionally write some notes on how it should be done.

I've had a Lilly Pulitzer agenda for 3 years now, and have absolutely adored it. It has been perfect for organizing my swimming schedule, future papers or tests, and daily homework assignments. However, this year, I needed something more. Juggling a full academic course load, being a varsity athlete at the collegiate level, being a member of a sorority, running a blog, and occasionally sleeping require a lot of time-management skills in order for me to snag a few hours of shut-eye each night. I found myself struggling to keep track of where I needed to be at what time, what errands or miscellaneous tasks needed to be completed, and I was also struggling to realize when I had free time to get ahead on homework.

At the end of last year, I published a daily planner I had created for myself - one for bloggers, one for students. I certainly used these and loved them, but I do not have a printer in my room at school, and printing a copy for every single day of the week really started to run up my campus bill (we pay by the sheet for how much paper we use through our student accounts and are allotted a certain amount per school year).

I had heard wonderful things about the Day Designer on social media, mainly after the Smart Girls Group conference last summer when everybody and their mother was raving about this planner on every platform they could. However, I just couldn't justify spending nearly $70 on a planner (it's $72 with shipping). But, as my printing bill kept going up, I realized that perhaps a bound planner might be what I needed so that I could manage to still print things that are important, like, oh, homework.

Earlier this month I pulled the trigger, and I can honestly say that now I see what the fuss is all about. Although I do think that this planner is ideal for an older audience (i.e. people who cook dinner rather than swipe a meal card for it), I have enjoyed the layout and simplicity of using a planner that has a daily organizer.

I particularly like the "top three" section at the top of the page - the first things you see are the first things you have to do. I love (and get a ton of use out of) the larger to-do column on the right of the page. This is especially helpful in organizing tasks that don't necessarily have a time slot, like laundry, editing pictures, or running to the library to look for an article.

Although this planner is rather pricy, I have been really happy with it so far, as it leaves me ample room to flesh out my entire schedule and to-do list, all in one (very cute) book.

Have you ever used the Day Designer? What did you think?

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xx, Victoria


  1. Not sure if I can justify dropping that much on a planner - but I keep seeing this all of instagram and might have to splurge for next year!

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award

  3. I have a Day Designer and I absolutely love it! It is my life line!


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