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Monday, December 29, 2014

What's in my backpack

I've been meaning to post this for ages, but as I hope you all can understand, sometimes the homework contained in this backpack takes priority over the world contained in my laptop.

The North Face Backpack | Camelbak Water Bottle with Shop Swagger 3" Sticker | Vineyard Vines Makeup Bag (old, similar) [used as a pencil pouch] | Staples Binder | Lilly Pulitzer Agenda | Apple MacBook Pro 13" | Apple iPad | Skullcandy Headphones | Kate Spade "Cherry Lane Darla" Wallet | MyCharge Portable Phone Charger

Nothing super exciting here, but I LOVE reading these, so here's the lowdown on mine - I've had this backpack since my freshman year of high school. I took a brief hiatus from using it my sophomore year because I needed more space (i.e. bigger backpack), but I came back to it because it has a lot of compartments that I liked. I know a lot of college girls use tote bags for their books, but mine are just too heavy. I wish that I could use a cute tote bag instead, but alas, the books win.

Moving on to the contents of my backpack -

I ALWAYS have a bottle of water with me. As a student-athlete, it's extremely important that I have enough water in my system. It's easy to get a bad headache or cramp during practice if I don't drink enough water, so keeping it with me reminds me to drink it. Camelbaks are so popular that I put a monogrammed sticker on mine to differentiate mine from everybody else's, and because I tend to lose water bottles...

Next up is my pencil pouch. I prefer makeup bags as pencil pouches because they're lined, meaning that they can handle pen spills/explosions.

I've tried all the pretty/trendy binders in the world, and I still go back to Staples Better Binders. They just stay together better and don't break after wear and tear.

And into the tech pouch we go. I always have my laptop and iPad on me. Some people question the point of having both, but I like having my laptop open to take notes, work on a paper, etc., and have my research or reading open on my iPad. It makes it easier for me to switch between reading and writing if they are on two separate devices. I also keep a pair of headphones on me because homework is much more bearable with some good music (follow me on Spotify here!).

In my "personal pocket," or the smaller pocket on the front of my backpack, I keep my keys/debit card/Starbucks card/student ID in a small leather wallet from Kate Spade. I use this thing every single day, and it has been one of the best investments I've made. The leather quality is fabulous and it organizes everything and since it's small, it's easy to take out and about. I also keep a portable phone charger in this pocket because my phone dies about every 5 seconds.

Well there you have it - everything that gets lugged to class with me! If only my textbooks were lighter...

PS - Thank you to all of you who entered the Lilly Pulitzer agenda giveaway! I hope you all got to know Julia and I a little better, and we certainly say the same about you :)

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xx, Victoria

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  1. I to love reading these types of posts! This post definitely gave me some new tips to try out for this upcoming new semester!

    ~Cheer's to a fantastic New Year!

    Sophia B.


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