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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What I'm Listening To {Finals Edition}

I'm far from the first person to tell you that finals are a-w-f-u-l.

I'm going to preface my explanation by saying that I am not a girl who can survive on little sleep. Anything less than 6 or 7 hours and I will be a living nightmare until I catch up.

Seeing as how I got 4 hours of sleep Monday night, I'm sure you can imagine what a joy I was yesterday. Needless to say, finals ain't pretty, y'all.

Moving on to surviving them - I need music. And I don't like classical. If it works for you, then by all means have at it. However, I get bored by it, or distracted by the flourishes in the melody.

Short read - I have to listen to songs that I already know backwards and forwards. Otherwise, they distract me and I start paying more attention to what I'm hearing than what I'm studying.

And so, now on to the playlist:

Don't judge me. The older the songs, the more I can mindlessly listen to them and focus on my homework. I think that justifies bringing Green Day up a few decades. Or Safety Dance...

xx, Victoria

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