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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Citations. I know that I need them, but creating them is a pain and a half for me. They're tedious, they're boring, and honestly, they're the last thing that I want to deal with after writing a tough research paper that's already taken up a ton of time.

I recently learned about a service called RefME, which lets you scan a book on their app or enter the ISBN number on their website and it creates your bibliography for you. It does it FOR YOU!

I think that's pretty dang fabulous. I can't tell y'all how annoying it is to finally finish a paper only to realize that I have to do citations, but you won't have to do that anymore with RefME! You can enter your citations as you go or do them all at the end, but regardless it will save you so much time (more sleep!!!). And with finals coming up, I know this will be a real addition to my academic arsenal.

You can sign up here! I hope this saves y'all some headaches, because it's already saved me from a few!

xx, Victoria

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