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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Down to the Wire

Alright, gang. Less than 24 hours until Christmas.

Today I have 3 gifts that you can make quickly and easily because well, we don't exactly have a ton of time here.

One // Mug & Coffee
Head to Target, and pick up a cute mug. From there, head to the Christmas aisle and you should find little $1 bags of coffee from Archer Farms. They have Christmas blends and they make one pot of coffee. Add a ribbon, a note, and you're good to go!

Two // Beer & Beer Glass
For you 21+ people this is an easy gift as well. Grab a six-pack of the receiver's favorite brew, and if you don't know, maybe just get a local special or a higher end one and find a nice beer glass either in the liquor store or anywhere you get glasses.

Three // Nail Polish & Starbucks/Visa Gift Card
You really can't go wrong here. Grab a pretty polish from a local drugstore and while you're in there snag a Starbucks or Visa Gift Card. Both are always appreciated, no matter who receives them, and easy to use.

Basically, you need something that's fairly inexpensive, easy, yet thoughtful -- perfect for all those relatives you forgot were arriving this afternoon, right?

Merry Christmas and good luck to you all! And don't forget -- ring in the new year with a new Lilly agenda!

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xx, Victoria

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