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Friday, November 7, 2014

Outfit Outtakes

Self-praise moment - I am proud of myself for finally getting my act together and creating outfit posts.

Self-critical moment - I am an awful model.

So, my roommate, Olivia, is wonderful and takes all of my outfit post photos for me. She puts up with the weird poses I'm trying out that day, takes time out of her schedule to help me, and is just all around awesome. A lot of the pictures turn out perfectly, but some of them I can't help but cringe at because I am such a bad model.

Today we're going to lighten up the mood around here (yesterday's post was a little dark), so here are a self-proclaimed bad horrible model's worst nightmares:

One // Acorns

Two // Frustration

Three // Misbehaved Accessories

Four // Sweat

Five // Confusion

Six // Figuring out the right pose

Seven // Lighting

Eight // Awkardness (and double chins)

Nine // Attempting to tell if someone is coming

Ten // General Attempts at Being Cute

Eleven // When your hair blends with the wall

Sometimes the pictures you take just aren't cute. Oh well.

Just in case you want to see the shots that did turn out well, here are all of my outfit posts to date

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

xx, Victoria

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